Monthly Archive for October, 2008

PosePrints Goes International!

We are excited to announce that we now ship our custom stationery INTERNATIONALLY! Starting today, we accept payment via PayPal for your personalized stationery orders shipped to Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. The entire world (in our very modest opinion) deserves to have access to personalized stationery, custom invitations and unique announcements from!

Our New Arrival…

PosePrints Babies are here! Their cute little faces were inspired by one of Jen’s friends (who shall remain nameless…okay, ONE hint: her name starts with “M” and ends with “olly.”) who wanted her A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E youngest daughter (8 months) on their Holiday Party Invitation. We hadn’t created personalized babies before, but the drawing turned out pretty cute, so we decided we had to add them to the site for YOU!

WHY is it so exciting to have babies on, you ask? Well, now you can create personalized Birth Announcements, Stationery for Baby, Baby Thank You Notes, First Birthday Party Invitations (just add a birthday cupcake!), Holiday Cards, Sibling Stationery, Baptism Invitations and more. Depending on which hair style, mouth and baby accessories you add, you can make your personalized baby look like a newborn or a 2-year-old!

Destination Weddings Feature!

PosePrints is featured in the new issue of Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Magazine (Winter ’08)! We knew the feature was coming up, but we had no idea it would be so prominently placed in the “Bride Ideas” section! They show one of our personalized Save-the-Date cards printed on the “winter snowflakes” background design — perfectly fit for the Winter-themed issue. A big thanks to Destination Weddings!

Even before this article was printed, we received many destination wedding-related stationery orders. PosePrints’ personalized stationery is ideal for Save-the-Dates, Rehearsal Dinner Invitations and Bridal Shower Invitations for destination weddings, and has been designed on our “pink city skyline,” “on the beach,” “city by the bay,” and “paris in pink” background designs. Hopefully this fantastic article will inspire even more jet-setting couples to customize PosePrints stationery for their destination weddings!

PosePrints Fan Club on Facebook!

If you’ve gotten this far, you MUST be a fan of PosePrints’ personalized stationery and customized invitations, so why not let the world (or at least your online world) know?! Become a fan of us on Facebook, if you please. Here is the link to our page:

We adore our fans, and hook them up with great discounts and newsworthy tidbits. So, please join our Fan Club to help us get the personalized-stationery word out! We appreciate your support very (VERY) much!

City Skyline Stationery

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t most city-dwellers extremely proud of where they live?! Take me, for example. Since moving to NYC five years ago, I have become That Girl who announces “Well, in NEW YORK they do it like this” waaaay too often. This is probably why one of our first personalized stationery designs was the “pink city skyline.” Or maybe it’s because New York City is the best city EVER to exist…and no other city compares…oh, there I go again.

For all you city people, which city are YOU proud to call home? PosePrints’ Co-Founder, Denise, is extremely proud to live in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area (yes, Mom, I’m moving back soon). Want to see your personalized pose on a background design of your favorite city? Just let us know what it is (and what your favorite feature of that city is), and we’ll try our best to add it to PosePrints’ designs!

PosePrints Pets

Personalized Poses, personalized stationery, personalized invitations, personalized…PETS?!!

Here at PosePrints, we strive to über-personalize products for you, your family and friends. And doesn’t “family” include those little domestic animals that run around our homes? YES. I know our family’s pets (shout-out to Baby, Jo, Carl, Wilkins and Pinky! And the fish, too!) are family to us, so one of our next stops will be…ready for this?…PosePets! Pets on personalized stationery!

PosePets will probably not be released until early 2009, as we still haven’t worked out how we will incorporate them into our personalized designs. Will they be an “accessory” that sits next to a person’s pose? Or will they be customizable like our poses? Yet to be determined…

Here we have our OFFICIAL mascot, Carl the Cat. He’s also known as Thomas (don’t ask). This custom pose (below) does not do him justice — he is one of the sweetest, chubbiest, most perfect animals ever to LIVE — but it will have to do for now! Now, how about YOU. Would YOU want to see your pet on one of PosePrints’ personalized products?

PosePrints on TV!

PosePrints personalized stationery was featured on TV yesterday! A Contributor from Studio 5 (a Salt Lake City program) featured PosePrints’ personalized stationery, invitations and holiday cards as top picks in their “Be Authentic: Design it Yourself” segment. As the name indicates, everything featured in the clip is something you can design or personalize yourself. Besides PosePrints cards (clearly! ;), our favorite novelty was the personalizable Keds. At Keds’ online shoppe, you can customize the color and pattern of your shoes, and even add a photograph or text to them!

Here is the clip, so check it out (they start on PosePrints at 4:22)!

Meet our Web Guy…

We’d like to introduce you to our “Web Guy” (aka Web Expert, Web Developer, Web GENIUS), Jason Robinson of Magiclamp Networks! We must give credit where it’s due: Jason is the mastermind behind bringing our personalized stationery ideas to you and the World Wide Web. When we met Jason back in 2006, we started off by showing him a few copies of Jen’s cards (“Can you make a website where people can create this?”) — so obviously he has worked some “magic” (get it?!) in developing the PosePrints website.

Jason has over a decade of experience creating all sorts of customized websites. Check out his portfolio here!

Without further ado, here’s Jason…doesn’t his pose look like him?


PosePrints has THE best customers on the planet (and NO, I am not biased!). I say this for many reasons, though the most notable is how incredibly CREATIVE they are! PosePrinters are way too fabulous and imaginative to think inside a little stationery box and follow by example. Case in point:

We added personalizable Recipe Card designs to the site last week, and every order coming in with the lined backgrounds is anything BUT a custom Recipe Card! One gal from Minnesota personalized an extremely cute “my favorite memory of alex is:” card for friends to fill out at a Bridal Shower (for Alex, I suppose :). Look!

Another lady from New Jersey customized “couple” cards on this background to be used in place of a Guest Book at an Engagement Party (I assume she will put them all in some sort of binder after they are all filled out).  Splendid! LOVE learning a thing or two from our customers!  We’re so lucky. 🙂

On a completely separate topic, check out what a fine Fall day we have for ourselves in NYC.  This is a view from PosePrints’ Creative Headquarters. What a skyline!

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