Monthly Archive for November, 2008

Pose of the Week

And the “Pose-of-the-Week” goes to…(drum roll, please!)…Julia from Tennessee!

Bride-to-be Julia personalized our “personalized bridal stationery” with an important question for her bridesmaids:

What a sweet and special way to ask a friend to be a bridesmaid! We’re all about saving the art of snail-mail and personal notes, so we’re very happy when we receive personalized orders like this! Thanks, Julia!


I’m pretty PSYCHED over here — and not ’cause it’s Thursday night, or ’cause Winter is in the air…but because our new-and-improved PRESS PAGE is here! May I hear a collective “YAYYYY!” Thanks.

If you never visited our original Press Page, then this may not seem that exciting to you. Just trust me on this one: this new-and-better page contains all of the pop-out, detailed, high-tech, user-friendly fabulousness we ever wanted in a Press Page. A big thanks to Jason for making it happen!

Head over to PosePrints’ Press Page to see where we’ve been and who loves our personalized stationery!


Eventually, we need to let you all in on who we love MOST in this internet world! We have made a lot of fantastic friends since our July, 2007 launch, and we think they love us (and our personalized stationery and invitations) as much as we do them. 🙂

One of our favorite friends is Holidash, and we especially love them because of what they wrote here! Check them out for great holiday-related ideas and festive finds. Perfect for this time of year!

6 months, 5 days…

…til PosePrints debuts their personalized and packaged stationery at the National Stationery Show 2009! Denise and Jen attended the National Stationery Show 2008 as “researchers” and had a fantastic time, so they can’t wait to have their own booth. It’s amazing how much stationery there is out there!

Jen predicts that decorating the booth will take her back to her high-school-art-project-glory. Til then, we will keep you updated with fun little National Stationery Show details as it gets closer…

(okay, MUCH closer…’cause I’m sure most of you are not quite as excited about stationery shows as we are!)


I just realized we haven’t yet dedicated a post to our wonderful POSE-CARDS…and believe me, they are so very worthy of one! Pose-cards are our free, unique, fun, personalized E-CARDS. To create your own custom pose-card, simply personalize a card, and instead of clicking on “add to shopping bag,” click the “send as a pose-card” button. See below!

Then, you will be taken to this page, where you just enter in your and the recipient’s names and e-mail addresses:

Easy PEASY! Now there’s no excuse not to head over to and brighten up a friend’s e-mail box by sending out a personalized pose-card. Perfect for birthday greetings, congratulations, a unique “hello” or just for passing on your fabulous pose!

P.S. A big “YAYY!” to my mom for coming up with the “pose-card” moniker last year. Creative, huh? 🙂

From Sea to Shining Sea!

We at PosePrints are proud to be American, especially on Election Day when we can exercise our right to vote! Whether you voted for Barack Obama or not, we hope you felt powerful at the polls yesterday.

Here we have a personalized announcement for Barack Obama on our “american stars” background design.  He just ordered about 300 million of these cards and plans on sending them out to everybody in the U.S.!  Oh wait, just kidding. But that would be neat. 🙂

New York City Marathon

Congratulations to all of this year’s NYC Marathon Finishers! Today, 39,000 people ran 26.2 miles through all five New York City boroughs — what a feat! Here’s a personalized stationery card in the runners’ honor (and we’ll call that Paula Radcliffe in the pink top– who won her third NYC Marathon title today, finishing in 2:23:56). Marathon day is one of the most energetic days in NYC — we love it!

**A special shout-out to Shawn Kingsley and Tara Lord, Jen’s friends who ran INCREDIBLY well today! Would either of you like a set of runners personalized stationery on us? 😉