Monthly Archive for January, 2009

Save 20% on PosePrints Valentines!

Alright, everyone — this is the last time I’ll say this. Let’s forget the mass-produced, flimsy, Spongebob/Dora/Transformers Valentines this year. Let’s hand out PosePrints personalized Valentines instead!

Customize a look-alike caricature of your daughter, son, baby, husband, wife and/or yourself to appear on high-quality, totally custom Valentines. To make this an even better idea, you can now save 20% off all PosePrints Valentines with the code “heartday” (through 2/14/09). I honestly can’t think of anything sweeter than that…unless you enclose a few Conversation Hearts in those PosePrints envelopes…

Our “Etc.” Shop

We love all things homemade; therefore we adore I even bought a few fabulous Christmas gifts from Etsy vendors (personalized jewelry, mostly!). To see what it was all about, we started up an Etsy shop last year to showcase any designs that aren’t a perfect fit for PosePrints…from custom Wedding Maps to personalized “Couture” poses.

Check out our “Etc.” shop at! We would love to hear what you think!

Where have YOUR PosePrints been? (Play along.)

We had a beautiful bout of snow this morning at PosePrints’ Creative Headquarters (NYC)! Here’s a shot just to prove it! Where have your PosePrints been? Do they travel much? Do you send them to far-off places?

This may seem ridiculous (and if you think so, then keep it to yourself, ’cause last time I checked this is MY blog 😉 ), but I think it would be fun to post photos of your PosePrints around the world (or country, or city, or wherever!). Kind of Glamour Magazine-esque — you know, those cheesy photos of people posing with their Glamour Magazine in front of the Taj Mahal or while they’re saying their vows, etc. So, if you have a photo of a PosePrint somewhere fun (or un-fun, what do I care!), send it to me at Jen at PosePrints dot com and I’ll post it here! You’ll be famous! Seriously!

P.S. Can you believe I took those photos within a couple of hours of each other?! New York weather is so moody.

Bay Area Kids + PosePrints

PosePrints’ custom children’s stationery was featured in the December ’08/January/’09 issue of Bay Area Kids Magazine! We were so proud to be included in their “Absolutely Essential Holiday Gift Guide.” BAKM is a new publication, and we were very impressed by its beautiful layout and articles — so definitely check it out the next time you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area!

PosePrints Personalized Valentines!

Let’s all forget those grocery-store-bought, everybody-has-’em Valentines this year. Customize your own, entirely unique (seriously, we’ve never seen the same card ordered twice!) Valentines at! We have added a couple of Valentine’s Day background designs to the ’09 mix — including our ‘red valentine hearts,’ ‘big pink hearts‘ and ‘tiny pink hearts‘ — so just add your (or your child’s) personalized pose and you’re set!

Honestly, I did love my Scooby Doo/Barbie/My Little Pony-themed cut-out Valentines as a child. But what the heck did I know?! I wish my mom had been cool enough to create personalized PosePrints for my Valentines. Except there was no internet…or PosePrints…or stationery-personalizability back in the ’80s…so Scooby Doo it was. That’s okay, Mom!

Happy 2009!