Monthly Archive for March, 2009

VOTE for Denise!

I just entered my mom (and business partner!), Denise Foster, in the Leading Moms in Business Competition!

Please click here to vote for Denise!

This is the biggest election since that of the US Presidency in November, 2008. Seriously. You have until March 31st to vote (and you can vote every day! 😉 ). In my humble and totally biased opinion, my mom deserves to win — she’s very neat. Thanks for voting!

Bay Area Parent Magazine!

Denise Foster — PosePrints Co-Founder and Resident Mom — was featured as a “Mother of Invention” in March 2009’s issue of Bay Area Parent Magazine!  Pick up the issue, or head on over to PosePrints’ Press Page, to check out the article!

Her daughter is very proud! =)