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Operation National Stationery Show: Complete.

I’m thrilled to announce PosePrints had a successful debut at the National Stationery Show!  We met a bunch of stationery lovers, creators and shop owners, and received some great feedback. The show reportedly had a much lower attendance than last year, but “in this economy,” lots of people were looking for something “different.” And PosePrints = different.

So, if you haven’t been to a trade show at the Javits before, this is what you get when you pay for a booth:

STUNNING, eh? And that is with that gorgeous strip of blue carpet we paid to have installed! Anyway, we started setting up two days before the show started, and we ended up needing every second of that time. One thing that prolonged the process was my decision to cut out our “NYC Skyline” at the Javits Center (instead of doing it at home and transporting it there) — it took me about 3 hours, with help, and we couldn’t do much to the booth until it was up. My mom was happy about that…and LOVED traipsing about the city looking for more and more double-sided tape. Didn’t you, Mom?

So, after about 16 hours of set-up (minus a break for chicken fingers and fries…let’s not exaggerate here), this is what our first National Stationery Show booth looked like:

What do you think? We were pretty happy with it. 🙂

To display our different lines, we made little signs for each one, which really helped the visitors get a sense of what we offered. PosePets were by far our biggest seller (and a late addition to PosePrints stationery products — who knew?), and Poses and Couture tied for second.

All in all, the show was completely exhausting, expensive, and took months to plan out…and we can’t wait for next year!

Make it a double!

As we all very well know, PosePrints allows you to add TWO caricature poses to any card design! That means we are practically perfect for personalized twins’ birthday party invitations, twins’ birth announcements, twins’ graduation party invitations, twins’ thank you notes, etc. Click here to begin customizing caricatures of your twins to be featured on cute, personalized PosePrints stationery!

Gearing up for the Stationery Show!

Twelve short days until we officially launch our Wholesale Line at PosePrints’ National Stationery Show debut! We begin setting up our booth next Wednesday at NYC’s Javits Center (They give us FOUR days of set-up?!  Seems a tad absurd.), and are in the process of creating the finishing touches.  I am almost as excited to get the millions of boxes out of my bedroom (I mean “office”) as I am for the show. But not quite. 🙂

From PosePrints at the National Stationery Show 2009

Children’s Graduation Announcements

Congratulations, Class of 2009! It’s the cap-and-gown time of year, and PosePrints is your stop for cute and personalized Graduation Announcements and Grad Party Invitations. Due to popular demand, we just added a graduation cap and gown to PosePrints’ children’s poses, too, so you can now create personalized Graduation Announcements for your kids!

Whether your child is graduating from Pre-School, Kindergarten, Elementary School, or even an extra-curricular program, make sure to honor your little graduate!