Monthly Archive for June, 2009

The Bachelorette Party

I had to dedicate a post to one of my favorite occasions — The Bachelorette Party! Forget the actual wedding — it’s rarely as fun as the Bachelorette weekend. For my own nuptials, I just might skip the wedding ceremony and reception altogether and drag my groom to Vegas. We can make it official at the Bachelorette Party, after a spa appointment and before dinner at Tao (or Nobu, I’m still deciding).

Apparently, men have been celebrating Bachelor Parties since the 5th Century B.C. — when Spartan soldiers would celebrate the groom on the eve of his wedding. Obviously, Bachelorette Parties are a newer phenomenon. Ladies reportedly started celebrating Bachelorette Parties during the sexual revolution of the 1960s (yes, I believe everything I read on Wikipedia), and thank God they did.

While girls tend to treat the Bachelorette Party less formally than the Bridal Shower, we at PosePrints are strong advocates for sending out personalized invitations (no e-vites!) honoring the Bachelorette. No excuses. That is why we have created the Las Vegas background design (because, really, it’s the only place to truly celebrate) and personalized Bachelorette Party Invitations. I hope no one gets offended by the short hem of the dress. We can make it longer for you if you ask nicely.

Here’s an invitation I created for my friend Stacy’s* Bachelorette Party. Make sure to visit PosePrints to see our newest Bachelorette Party Invitations (and stationery — never discount the Thank You Note)!

* Name has been changed. I don’t even know a Stacy!

Exclusive Designs!

Remember Luxaby Baby? Of course you do! Well, we just created a few exclusive personalized stationery sets especially for their online shop! Luxaby Baby carries many PosePrints’ stationery sets, and I worked with Molly (Founder of Luxaby Baby) to create a few designs that are only available to her customers:

Add your baby’s or child’s initials (or monogram…or first name…or whatever text you want!) to create super-personal stationery. Perfect for new-baby gifts, birthday gifts, personal stationery, and invitations!

My personal favorite is the pink whale, in case you were wondering.

New Design!

Autumn is my favorite season, so it was time we created a design in its honor!  “Fall Leaves” (creative name, huh?  That was all me.) features Fall leaves in red, orange and brown — perfect for Autumn weddings, Fall-themed shower invitations, Thanksgiving thank you notes, and personalized stationery. Check it out!