Monthly Archive for November, 2009

Personalized Holiday Cards

Do you still send out holiday cards featuring your family photo? That’s nice and all, but doesn’t everyone already see your family photos ALL. THE. TIME. on Facebook, Myspace, Kodak Gallery, TwitPic, Snapfish, Friendster (Ahh!!)? Let me suggest a more original holiday card option in the form of…you guessed it…PosePrints!

Create personalized holiday cards that feature your custom caricature (or “pose” or “avatar”). Or add custom caricatures of your spouse, your kids, your dog, your cat, and your brown-and-white-spotted-hamster-wearing-a-bow (Yes. It’s been done). We have background designs featuring snowflakes, Christmas lights, holiday gifts or a (*new!*) Christmas Tree. Even add mistletoe!

“How do I add more than two poses?” you ask. Great question by you! This month we are personalizing all PosePrints ANY way you want them — at no additional design fee.  Seriously, this means I (Jen!) will draw for hours on end so that YOU have the cutest holiday cards on the block.

To do this, simply submit your order featuring the one or two avatar(s) you want, and then let us know in the Comments section (at check-out) what you would like added. Then, go back and create cards with the extra caricature(s) on them and just send them as a Pose-Card (our free e-card service) to me at Jen at PosePrints dot com. You may e-mail me photos of your pets, too, and I’ll create them for your cards.  We send you a proof and don’t print them until you think they’re perfect.

Happy Holidays to everyone!