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20% OFF Mother’s Day Gifts!

Order personalized recipe cards, notepads, stationery or note cards for Mom (featuring her caricature!) by May 3rd, and we guarantee you’ll have them by Friday, May 7th — in time for Mother’s Day!  PosePrints make one-of-a-kind, totally unique Mother’s Day gifts (unless your mom has an identical twin…who likes to wear the same PosePrints clothing…and accessories).

Before it all began…

The idea behind PosePrints came to fruition over time — a long time, actually.  Back in the early ’90s, Denise (mom) used to send off Jen’s (daughter) drawings to Hallmark, hoping the obnoxiously-colorful-and-busy animal drawings would pique the corporation’s interest.  That obviously did not happen.

Then, post-college, Jen started working in advertising sales with an awesome group of (mostly) ladies in NYC.  With an entry-level salary, Jen couldn’t afford to buy anything fine enough for her co-workers, so she would instead made them birthday cards featuring their look-alike caricatures.  They loved them (or at least told her they did).  With that inspiration, Jen and Denise decided they would turn personalized caricature cards into a business plan.  Voila!

Jen really misses her old co-workers.  Aren’t they lovely?  (Names withheld to protect identities. 😉 )