Monthly Archive for June, 2011

New Golf Design

Check it out!  We were getting a little bored with our old Golf design (called “Tee Time” — yeah, we were sick of the name, too), so we changed it up!  Here’s the new card design:

And here’s the old one:

Do you like the new one better?  Be honest!  The new card features a golf course, greens, and golf flags, and makes a cute invitation (for golf tournaments, charity events at the country club, birthday parties at the golf course…even bachelor and bachelorette parties!), stationery gift for your favorite golfer, and Save-the-Date card.

Don’t forget to completely prep out your Golf cards and invitations by adding your polo shirts, visors, sunglasses, and sweater sets.  And, as always, let us know if you don’t see a specific feature you’re looking for.  You know we’ll create it for you!


“Like” your favorite PosePrint!

Big news!  We’ve added Facebook LIKE buttons to PosePrints’ product pages!  Check it out:

I know this isn’t the most groundbreaking functionality you’ve ever seen, but we’re pretty excited about it.  And we promise to like you forever if you head over to our website, find your favorite stationery design (card, notepad or magnet!), and LIKE IT!

Want to know my favorite?  It’s the London card.  Probably ’cause it took me a thousand hours to draw (yeah, I didn’t go to art school — sue me), and I’m sort of British, you know.