Monthly Archive for September, 2011

Hand-Drawn Caricatures

Consider this a throwback post — to hand-drawn artwork!  Nothing beats hand drawings, in my opinion, but it’s so much more time consuming than Adobe Illustrator drawing…for me, at least.  Maybe it’s because that whole “Undo” feature doesn’t exist in the non-computer world.

(That’s me on the left.)

Looks a little different than our PosePrints caricatures, right?  I created this simple line drawing for the “Guestbook Table” at my wedding, asking our guests to draw in (or sign) a sketchbook.  I’m totally obsessed with the drawings and colorful doodles that came from it!  One of our friends (name withheld) actually created her own line drawings depicting the different “places” that are special to us.  I’d see if she wants a job with PosePrints, but I know we can’t afford her.

In case the artist in you is interested, I only draw with ONE kind of pen.*  Over the years I’ve tried switching, but nothing does it for me like the good ol’ PILOT G-2 0.38.  Gel ink. Smooth. Fine. Inexpensive.  It’s the only pen I write and draw with, and I literally cringe if I have to use a ballpoint pen.  (Yep, there’s a little bit of OCD in this family.)

Want a custom line drawing?  Let us know! Could be a cute gift…or thank you note…

*By the way, I’m a self-taught “artist” and am not an expert by any means.  If you’re an expert/trained artist/art-school-alum, tell me about your pen preferences!  I’d seriously like to know.  Okay, enough pen talk.

Wedding Ceremony Programs

We’re BACK (from a quick honeymoon, that is) and ready to share some of our wedding stationery with you!  In due time, we’ll show you everything Jen personalized (and commissioned!) for the wedding day: the Save-the-Dates (magnets!), Invitations (letterpress!), Welcome Letters (gray & pink!), Escort Cards (calligraphy!) and Menus (fried chicken!).  Jen’s bridesmaids also used custom PosePrints for her Bridal Shower Invitations (well, they had to — sorta).

Above all, Jen’s favorite PosePrints-made paper at her wedding were the wedding ceremony programs.  We can’t wait until the professional photos are back (which should do the programs justice), but ’til then, check them out!  Here’s the cover in — you guessed it! — gray and white stripes:

Like the “staging” of the photograph?!  Yeah, me neither.  Moving on…

And here’s the inside of the ceremony program — the best part! (If you want to see this as a bigger image, simply click on it — or click over to our Facebook page and check out our photo albums.)

The ceremony program is a tri-fold card (measuring 15″ x 5″, so 5″ square when folded) printed on 110-lb. bright white paper, and features cute, personalized caricatures of the bride and groom, officiant and bridal party.  If you look closely, you can see the bridesmaids’ custom earrings (gotta love Etsy), groomsmen’s gray gingham ties, and ring bearers’ pink gingham ties.  You probably don’t know any of these people, but take it from me — they look like them!

Interested in a custom PosePrints Wedding Ceremony Program for your big day?  We’ll be adding them to the site soon, but until then, click here to contact us for information regarding placing an order.


A PosePrints Wedding

There’s a PosePrints Wedding this week!  Jen, PosePrints’ Co-Founder, is getting married this Friday in Napa Valley.  We can’t wait to share her wedding stationery with you (Save-the-Date Magnets! Invitations! Programs! Menus! Stickers! Welcome Cards!), all printed by PosePrints.

‘Til then, get a taste of the festivities with our new card design!  It mimics the color theme of her wedding: simple, modern, gray, white.  Click here to check out the new Gray Stripes design, which is only $1.00 per card ’til 9/18!

The new card design features stripes of light and pale gray with charcoal type, and is a sleek choice for Save-the-Date cards, personalized stationery, gender-neutral baby shower invitations, and thank you notes.

And you guessed it: that’s Jen and her husband-to-be, above, in their wedding outfits!  (Jen says she hopes her skin looks that good on her wedding day…)

To the altar!