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Working From Home

I work from home.  Here’s my office:

{PosePrints Headquarters}

I work at a gorgeous reclaimed wood desk (acquired in my marriage to my husband — score!) in the living room of my San Francisco apartment.   Since I started working from home full-time in 2008, I’ve often dabbled with the idea of renting office.  But I’ve grown to l.o.v.e. certain aspects of my work-from-home situation, especially my “office” — complete with my trusty MacBook Pro, pretty GlassyBaby candle (gift from BFF), and good-for-my-back chair.

Since my desk is rarely (and by rarely I mean never) this clean, and I don’t always have (i.e. never have) fresh flowers adorning my work space (these were left over from Valentine’s Day), I thought I’d share a few close-ups:

Usually, there are just a *few* more piles of paper and PosePrints materials on the desk and a ton more fog outside my window. And my mugs have crazy coffee stains in them. And I wear sweats to work. But you didn’t come here to see any of that, did you?

Sure, I get lonely some days (and am usually D-Y-I-N-G to see friends/husband/anyone by COB), but overall, I like my work situation.

Do you work from home?  How does it work for you?

Custom Cat Caricature Stationery

My little sister, Lizzie, has been requesting some custom cat caricature stationery (say that three times fast) for her kitty, Baby.  I kept putting it off because a) paying PosePrints customers come first and b) I knew my ragdoll cat-niece would be hard to draw.  She’s just so…colorful…

After months (years?) of bugging the crap out of me reminding me, Lizzie finally received a set of Baby stationery for Christmas:

And in case you are wondering what kind of person is unrelenting in her request for cat cards, here she is, mid-snorgle:

Want to see a selection of our pre-made pet cards?  Click here.  We can always customize your pet (dog, cat, rat, frog, fish) for personalized stationery, too — just ask!

Posing in Mexico

I’m in Punta Mita, Mexico for a few days, enjoying some sunshine. Here I am posing with my new striped beach bag (in a swimsuit, cocktail in hand):

Ha!  (You didn’t think I’d post a photo of myself in a swimsuit for the world to see, did you?  My caricature is unabashed, however.)

Have a photo of your PosePrints doing something fun?  Share it with us and we’ll post it!

New St. Patrick’s Day Design

We’ve just added a new St. Patrick’s Day design — featuring a line of cute four leaf clovers — to our card options:

Click here to customize it for St. Patrick’s Day stationery, gifts, or Irish-themed party invitations.  And, as always, you can send this design as a free e-card — to as many people as you would like (just click “send as e-card” button after you add your text and preview the card).

St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday this year — and is less than 4 weeks away.  Where is this year going?!

Valentines Day + Heart Bunting

It wasn’t until the day-before-yesterday that I realized this is called “bunting.”  Pinterest really is bringing out the craftiness in me — complete with crafty jargon.  So now we know: stringing paper hearts or other items along twine or thread = bunting.

Since my better half and I were having a quiet evening at home to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I figured I could put some time into “bunting” since I was spending zero time primping.  Anyway, this is how it went:

And he cooked!


(Since I’m not yet an iPhone owner and am totally jealous of my friends’ Instagram pics, I used good-old to create the effects on these photos.)

Real Weddings

Did you use PosePrints for your wedding Save-the-Dates, Bridal Shower Invitations, Bachelorette Party Invitations, Wedding Ceremony Programs or Thank You Notes?

If so, we are in the process of adding a “Real Weddings” section to our blog, and would be delighted if you would be a part of it.  PosePrints Real Weddings will feature just that: real weddings of our beloved customers who used PosePrints as part of their wedding days.  Not only will this be a way for us to share how our products reflect the wedded couple, but it’s also a way for you to compile a beautiful profile of your wedding photos and wedding day details. It will allow you to give much-deserved exposure to your wedding vendors, too!  Please click below the jump for an idea of what a Real Weddings post will look like.

To submit your wedding for consideration, please email Real_Weddings {at} with the following:

  • Personal Info: Your name, your fiance’s name, your wedding date and venue
  • Photos: Send us 2-30 images of your wedding or event.  Images must be high resolution — at least 600px wide. (More photos you send = better chance we’ll post about your event!  Also, you do not need to send an image of your PosePrints purchase…we have that image.)
  • Description*: Your description of the event, including your inspiration, any DIY projects you’re proud of, how you got engaged, your favorite part of the event, why you chose your venue, etc.!  (*Send as much or as little information as you would like; we can write up the post if you simply want to include a list of details.)
  • Vendor Credits: A list of vendor credits, including website URLs where applicable.  We especially must have the photographer’s credit.

We would be honored if you would consider submitting your wedding details for review.  And as an added bonus, if we choose your wedding for a Real Weddings post, you will get 10 free PosePrints cards!

Let us know if you have any questions.


Jen & Denise, PosePrints Co-Founders

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Pinterest Project & Free Artwork Download

We’re on Pinterest — well, I (Jen) am on Pinterest!  Find me here and follow me, so we at PosePrints can follow you!

I’m addicted.  It’s fun.  And it’s making me realize how un-Martha-like I am.  Regardless, I finished my first Pinterest-inspired project: a piece of artwork for my kitchen.  This pin sparked it because a) I love fonts — all fonts* — and b) I liked the idea of using a quote that means something to me (and my husband).  Here’s what came of it:

We love Bill Withers, we love his song Lovely Day (who doesn’t, really?), and we had a nice 16×20″ white frame — and a pre-cut white mat — ready to fill the wall space.  I used Market Deco font (download it for free here!) after trying wayyyy too hard to make my beloved Adios Script work.  Alas, it was just too much.

Like my kitchen artwork?  I’m all about sharing, so email me (Jen at PosePrints dot com) or contact me via Pinterest and I’ll send you the PDF for free!  It measures 8×10.

Let’s pin!

*I lied.  I don’t like Scriptina.  Or Comic Sans.

C Weddings Magazine

We are thrilled to be included in the stunning Spring 2012 issue of C Weddings Magazine!

Circled above, the original PosePrints’ Wedding Ceremony Program was created for Jen’s wedding in September, 2011, and is featured in the current issue of C Weddings Magazine (page 109!).  The lovely affair was designed by the amazing Laurie Arons, of Laurie Arons Special Events, and was held at Durham Ranch in St. Helena, California.

Jen designed all of her own wedding stationery, and both her Bridal Party Invitations and Bachelorette Party Invitations featured her caricature. (I know, it’s sort of weird for a bride to design her own shower invitations, but our company isn’t exactly big enough for orders to go unnoticed by the Founders.  And she wanted PosePrints, okay?!)

When it came to the actual wedding day, however, she wanted to be more discreet with the family-biz-promotion — you know, because there’s probably a limit to the number of caricature products you should use for one wedding.  So she created the look-alikes of her bridal party for the inside of her Wedding Program, all printed inside a neat, tri-fold card with a pretty striped cover. (That also meant no bow-tying or hole-punching.  Bonus!)

After getting nothing but “how fun!” and “so unique!” and “I could tell who all of the bridesmaids were!” feedback on the programs, we decided to add them to PosePrints’ product line.

And here we are.  Click here to check out the different designs we offer, all of which are completely customizable — from colors and fonts to wording and caricatures.

Thank you, C Weddings Magazine!

*Event planning by Laurie Arons * Photography by Meg Smith*