Monthly Archive for June, 2012

Italy + England

I crossed #9 off my Thirty While 30 list.  Traveling!  Planning around a family reunion in England, my husband and I spent a week in Italy before heading to the UK.  It was my first time in Italy as a full-fledged/non-backpacking/I-actually-appreciate-good-food-and-wine-now adult, and I loved it even more than I had remembered loving it.  We went from Milan to Portofino to Cinque Terre to Florence to Venice to England.  Phew!

We stopped into a few fabulous, old school Italian stationery shops in Florence and Venice.  R. Vannucchi Catoleria (in Venice) was especially darling:

And we loved the caricature-ish menu at Harry’s Bar in Florence:

And just because he’s so cute, here’s a photo of my husband and our (too small) rental car:


And now…back to the grind.

Sneak Peek: Birthday Party Invitations

PosePrints‘ 5th Birthday Party is less than a month away (July 19th!) — and invitations are being stamped and addressed as I type!  After they’re all mailed out, I will give you a thorough run-down of the design (a twist on this card design).  If you’ve visited the PosePrints site before, you’re aware of my love of pink + turquoise.

What do you think of our pink-and-turqoise-polka-dots party theme (so far)?

Rain Shower

New!  Check out PosePrints’ new Rain Showers design:

I know, I know — it’s hardly the rainy season.  But it is the season for showers — Baby and Bridal Showers, that is!  We just added the new design to our cards in time for this summer’s bridal and baby festivities.  Click here to see it!

“Rain Showers” Baby Shower Invitation

“Rain Showers” Couples Baby Shower Invitation

“Rain Showers” Bridal Shower Thank You Note



Embossing is my new obsession.  Up until I received embossing materials for my birthday (thanks, dear friend of mine!), I didn’t really know what it was.  And now I just.can’t.stop.myself.  I emboss everything: gift tags, stationery, gift wrap, envelopes:

Embossing is EASY.  To start, pick up the following supplies:

  • Embossing heat tool.  I’m using this one.*
  • Embossing powder
  • Rubber stamps
  • A watermark or regular stamp pad
  • A glue pen

I put handy orange stars next to the heat tool and the embossing powder, because they’re the only tools you really need, I’ve found.  The rest are sort of optional, but will definitely extend your embossing repertoire.

Now for the steps:

1. Create a drawing and fill the lines with the glue pen. Or stamp your paper using the watermark ink pad. (My secret: the embossing powder sticks to regular gel ink and ink pads, too.)

2. Quickly cover the ink you want embossed with the embossing powder.  Then let sit.

3. Sift the leftover powder off your artwork and blow off the powder that isn’t stuck. (Any powder on the paper will emboss — even tiny remaining specks!)

4. Hover the heat tool about 8 inches from the artwork and turn it on.  The powder will emboss in just a few seconds.  Let dry.  And you’re done!

Sneak Peek: Party Stamps

Here’s a sneak peek of the custom stamps we ordered for our 5th Birthday Party invitations.  In doing our best to dress up the envelopes, we have colorful envelopes and return address labels ready, too!

And this is the first-ever custom PosePrints stamp — used for a friend’s Baby Shower invitations.  I’m obviously weirdly attached to this (been-through-the-mail) stamp — it’s been in my wallet since 2008!

P.S. Have you saved the date for our company’s party?!  Check out our Facebook page for more info on how to request a Save-the-Date Magnet and invitation to our big birthday bash!