Monthly Archive for November, 2012

Family Caricature Cards

At PosePrints, we are often asked if we can put more than two people on a card (or notepad or magnet) — and our answer is, “YES!”  As you might know, our website currently allows you to customize two caricatures for your stationery, but we’re working on the technology that will enable our customers to add as many characters as they would like to a product.

Custom Holiday Card with 3 Caricatures

Until then, however, here are some simple instructions on how to create 3, 4, 5 or 6-person cards — free of any additional charge.

1.  Place your order at with two of the caricatures on the card, notepad or magnet.  At check-out, please make note in the Comments section that you are adding “x” additional caricatures to your product.

2. Create another card (or two!) with the additional character(s) on them.  Instead of adding this card to your shopping bag, click “Send As Free E-Card” to

3. We will add all of the characters to the card, notepad or magnet and send you a proof (within 2 business days) to approve before we print!

This is the same process we ask our customers to follow if they would like anything personalized on their custom cards, notepads or magnets: color changes, font changes and added features.  Please let us know if you have any questions about specific customizations.  We love our custom orders!


Red Tri Awards

Remember when you so kindly nominated us as your favorite Card Supplier on the web?!  Well, word on the street is that PosePrints is currently in the Top 3 for Red Tricycle’s 2012 Totally Awesome Awards!  Along with 15 other stationery companies, we’re in the running to be chosen as the “Most Awesome Creative Card Supplier.”  We are honored to be included among some of our most favorite online stationery and invitations shops!

If you haven’t yet voted for us, please click here and vote for PosePrints.  Because really, who else offers custom invitations, cards, stationery, business cards, magnets and wedding programs that feature caricatures drawn by me?!  That’s right, no other. 😉


Happy Election Day 2012!  Did you vote today?

My mom and I voted (for different candidates — we’ll leave it at that!) and are so very proud to be part of this American Democracy.  We added “I VOTED” stickers to the caricature features of the PosePrints’ site so we — and you! — can show the Facebook and Twitter worlds we voted.

As a reminder, you can bring PosePrints to Facebook by making a custom caricature your Profile Pic or posting a character to a friend’s Facebook page.  Acknowledge the fact that you voted — or celebrate a birthday, holiday, or other celebration — by posting a custom, look-alike caricature to Facebook!  Here’s my “I VOTED” caricature. 🙂

P.S.  We voted four years ago, too!