Monthly Archive for February, 2013

PosePrints as Wall Art

I’ve loved the prints from The Animal Print Shop ever since I first came across them.  I mean, how CUTE is this guy?!  The simplicity of them reminds me of PosePrints’ pet stationery, even though her prints are of actual photographs of animals, and ours are, well, cartoon drawings.  I’m a big fan of simple (with lots of white!) so when it came to decorating my baby’s nursery, I decided to transform a couple of our animal drawings into prints for the wall:

Since our nursery is gender-neutral (for now!), I created a French Bulldog and an owl in shades of gray.  All I did was blow up the artwork from our animal stationery, center it on an 8-1/2 x 11″ artboard in Adobe Illustrator, print and frame!  Here you can see them in the rest of the room (click to enlarge the images):

What do you think?  Which PosePrints animal would you put on your wall?

Free Valentine’s Day E-Cards

Sometimes I’m a huge planner, and sometimes I am the biggest procrastinator you’ve ever met.  Last year, I spent forever making Valentine’s Day bunting to decorate for my Valentine’s Day dinner…and this year?  Nothing yet!

PosePrints e-cards are for the procrastinator in all of us.  You can create your own (free!) personalized e-card featuring your custom character and send it to friends and family last-minute.

To create your (free) e-card, visit and click on the DESIGN tab.  Select your background design, then create a caricature for your Valentine (or other e-card).  Add your text and instantly preview your card.  Then, instead of clicking the “Add to Shopping Bag” button, click the “Send as a Free E-Card” button.  You can then send your e-card to as many friends and family members as you’d like!

Lots of our customers use our e-cards for invitations, birthday greetings and thank you notes, too!  (Did I mention they’re free?!)  Click here to begin designing your e-card!

Pink + Blue Save-the-Date Magnets

One of our most popular card designs — “Pinks + Blues” — is now a magnet option in the PosePrints shop!  Our new “Pink + Blue Magnet” is nearly identical to its card sister, and is printed on our awesome, top-quality magnet materials.

 {A Wedding Save-the-Date Magnet}

{A Magnet as a Baby Shower Invitation}

{A Save-the-Date Magnet for a Birthday Party}

Our magnets measure 4″ x 3,” are printed using a special four-step printing process, and the quality is unlike anything we’ve seen in the Save-the-Date marketplace.  They’re a far cry from the magnets that look like someone’s glued a card to a magnet strip.  You know what I’m talking about.

Want to see it before you believe it?  We’re always happy to send a free sample of one of our magnets to you so you can check out the quality.  Just ask!

Also, you know what I’m loving right now?  Magnets as invitations.  At $2.50/each, our magnets are only slightly more expensive than our cards, and they make a longer-lasting impression (i.e. they make the front side of the fridge, not a drawer).  Think about it: magnets for kids’ parties, birthday party invitations, engagement party invitations, company party invitations, or anniversary party invitations.  What do you think?  Just make sure you can pin down your event details and order in advance; our magnets take between 5 and 10 business days to print!