Add Your Pose to a Facebook Wall

My last post described how to make a PosePrints Avatar into your Facebook (or Twitter, or Pinterest) Profile Pic — but the PosePrints + Facebook affair doesn’t stop there!  You can also post an avatar to your (or a friend’s) Timeline, along with a custom greeting:

How to post a “pose” to your — or a friend’s — Facebook Wall/Timeline:

1. Select any PosePrints product to begin (it doesn’t matter what it is) and click the pink “Personalize This Design” button.

2. Customize your avatar and click the blue “Save Pose” button.

3. Click the “Save For Facebook” button that pops up to the right of your avatar.

4. Enter in your name and email address on the next page.

5.  Check your email for your “PosePrints MyPose Confirmation” and click the link in the email.

6. Click the link at the bottom of that page (below where it says “Please enter this link into your Facebook profile for it to appear on your page!”).

7.  Paste the URL of that page onto your/a friend’s Timeline — and customize the message (by clicking on it) if you’d like — and click the “Post” button.

Use a custom avatar to wish a friend a Happy Birthday (’cause let’s face it — a simple “Happy Birthday, Jill!” gets old), a Happy New Year, a Happy Valentine’s Day, a Happy Easter, a Merry Christmas, or a plain ol’ happy day.

Click here to begin!