Bottle Labels

PosePrints was supposed to start out as a custom-caricature-bottle-label company.  I’m serious.  It all started back in college, when I covered six bottles of “birthday beer” with homemade labels for a friend’s 21st birthday. My mom was so PUMPED by these labels that she slyly stole one of the leftover bottles when we were moving out of our apartment at graduation. And she still has that stolen bottle. I’m serious (again).

PosePrints obviously skipped the label boat and instead was transformed into a caricature stationery shop, but I still have a special spot in my heart for homemade bottle labels. As recent as 2010, I made one as part of a dear friend’s birthday gift (shown above).

And here’s another one I made back in 2005 (two years pre-PosePrints!).  The “Jenny Regal – Aged 28 Years” label is covering a bottle of Chivas for a friend named Jenny on her 28th birthday. Don’t be jealous of my brilliant wordplay!

I actually am looking forward to hosting a party or shower and creating custom bottle labels (and finally making my (mom’s) dreams come true).  I’ll keep you posted…