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First Birthday Party Invitation

My boy just turned ONE!  We had a small party at our home, but we still sent out PosePrints invitations (of course).  Doesn’t Miller make a pretty perfect caricature?!  (Click here to see a larger version of this image on our Facebook page.)

Unique First Birthday Party Invitation by PosePrints

His personalized invitations featured some blue bunting, his cute look-alike caricature, and a blue cupcake with a red “1” candle.  I also customized his hair style to include his little blonde curls.  You can start designing your own PosePrints first birthday party invitations by clicking here. Just select the invitation design you like, click the “Personalize This Design” button, create your baby’s caricature, and add your invitation text.

We kept the party simple with a couple of cakes, some balloons, and a few strings of felt bunting:

The only handmade decoration (pictured above on the mantel) was a string of paper bunting featuring his monthly photos.  Every month we’ve taken a picture of Miller with his elephant and a numbered tie:

It’s so fun seeing how much he’s grown in one short year!  The one-to-two month was the biggest jump, don’t you think?

Happy first birthday to our beloved baby!

Summer Instagram

I’ve loved this summer.  It isn’t even officially over for another couple of weeks, and I swear I’m already nostalgic for it.  But school has started, Labor Day Weekend has passed, and the world around us is gearing up for fall (and spring 2014 if you’re involved with New York Fashion Week!). Before we start seeing Christmas decorations, though, I need to reflect for a second on my summer. All at once, it was mellow and busy and special and normal.  Here’s a glimpse of what it looked like:

{Counter clockwise, from top left: My family on a summer evening; a bunting/garland project for M’s nursery; a San Francisco-themed housewarming gift for a friend; my mom, on her birthday, with M;  a handmade birthday card for my niece; M sitting up; custom baby shower thank you notes for a friend (featuring her beloved frenchie); another birthday card; drawing aforementioned frenchie.}

It was my first summer with my boy, and we spent our days going on walks, visiting friends, reading books, and spending lots of time with each other.  Our little family moved to a new home (so PosePrints’ headquarters moved from San Francisco, too!), and we’ve had fun decorating and gardening and settling in.  There were a few good birthday celebrations and outdoor parties.  And, of course, work/stationery-making was mixed in there, too.

Follow me/PosePrints at @PosePrints for a look at my life (“my life” = my baby…let’s be honest here), custom stationery and crafty stuff.

How was your summer?  What would your “Summer Instagram” collection look like?

PosePrints as Wall Art

I’ve loved the prints from The Animal Print Shop ever since I first came across them.  I mean, how CUTE is this guy?!  The simplicity of them reminds me of PosePrints’ pet stationery, even though her prints are of actual photographs of animals, and ours are, well, cartoon drawings.  I’m a big fan of simple (with lots of white!) so when it came to decorating my baby’s nursery, I decided to transform a couple of our animal drawings into prints for the wall:

Since our nursery is gender-neutral (for now!), I created a French Bulldog and an owl in shades of gray.  All I did was blow up the artwork from our animal stationery, center it on an 8-1/2 x 11″ artboard in Adobe Illustrator, print and frame!  Here you can see them in the rest of the room (click to enlarge the images):

What do you think?  Which PosePrints animal would you put on your wall?

Bunting Card Design

For awhile, I have been in love with the DIY bunting fad that’s taken over Pinterest and birthday party signs and holiday decor.  I’ve created bunting for PosePrints’ 5th Birthday Party, a couple of trade shows and Valentine’s Day.  And while I’ve only bunted (is that a word?) with paper, I’m set on trying to sew some cute fabric bunting in the near future.  Until then, I just added a “Bunting” design to PosePrints’ card options:

{First Birthday Invitation on Bunting Design}

{Rehearsal Dinner Invitation on Bunting Design}

{Baby Shower Thank You Note on Bunting Design}

As with everything on the PosePrints website, we can change up any of the colors free of any additional charge.  Want blue and yellow bunting, only striped bunting, all-pink bunting?  You got it.  Just place your order and let us know what changes you would like to see (in the Comments section at check-out) and we’ll send you a proof to approve before we print.

Click here to begin designing your very own caricature for unique bunting invitations and stationery!

Party Details

One of my Thirty While 30 goals was to throw a party with “Pinteresty party details” — and I’d like to think I checked it off the list with PosePrints’ Anniversary Party!  From the overall theme to the stationery favors to the custom cupcakes, we personalized the party to PosePrints as much as possible.  Check out some of our party details in the photos below!

{Our cupcake table, with polka-dotted bunting}

Create a card favors

{We asked our guests to create a PosePrints card on a laptop at the party!}

San Francisco Stationery Party Favors

{Mini San Francisco stationery = party favors}

Custom Caricature Cupcakes

{Custom caricature cupcakes from Kara’s (say that five times fast!)}

Blu Bungalow Venue

{The awesome, modern venue: Blu Bungalow in San Francisco}

Jen and Denise Party Hosts

{The party hosts: me and my cute mom!}

DIY Photo Booth

One of my favorite details of PosePrints‘ 5th Anniversary Party was the photo booth.  And thankfully (especially after the hours — seriously, hours! — of crafting I put into it), it was a hit with the guests, too!

I modeled the custom photo “booth” backdrop after our logo:

To make it, I picked up a piece of white foam board that measured about 4′ x 6′ and taped a big blue circle to the center.  I cut a “perfect” circle from blue poster board, using a make-shift compass (stick + pen + tape):

I printed out the “PosePrints” in bright pink ink, cut out each of the letters, then taped them above the blue circle.

I then printed out a bunch of PosePrints’ caricature accessories on 110-lb. cardstock, and cut them out:

Then I taped 12″ wooden skewers to the backs of the accessories.  We had PosePrints’ eyes, glasses, cupcakes, martini glasses, smiles, mustaches, flowers and crowns for the photos.

I’ll be posting more pics of our party to our Facebook page soon, so make sure you like our page to see what other creative touches we came up with!


Party Prep

PosePrints’ 5th Anniversary Party is tomorrow!  So I’ve been prepping.  Doing a little of this:

And a little of this:

And this!

Can’t wait!

Party Garland

I created some circle bunting for PosePrints’ 5th Birthday Party (coming up next week!).  The theme — mirroring our updated website and Pinks + Blues card design — is, well, pink and blue!  Circle bunting seemed to go with the party invitation, which features pink and blue polka-dots.

To make the bunting, I needed:

  • Pink and blue craft paper (~80 lb. card stock).  I was able to get about 80 punched 1″ circles per 8-1/2 x 11″ piece of paper.
  • A craft punch.  I used the 1″ Martha Stewart punch from Michael’s — only because I couldn’t find a bigger one!
  • Double-sided tape
  • String

Photo of final product — in action at the party! — to come.  I know you can hardly wait.


Embossing is my new obsession.  Up until I received embossing materials for my birthday (thanks, dear friend of mine!), I didn’t really know what it was.  And now I just.can’t.stop.myself.  I emboss everything: gift tags, stationery, gift wrap, envelopes:

Embossing is EASY.  To start, pick up the following supplies:

  • Embossing heat tool.  I’m using this one.*
  • Embossing powder
  • Rubber stamps
  • A watermark or regular stamp pad
  • A glue pen

I put handy orange stars next to the heat tool and the embossing powder, because they’re the only tools you really need, I’ve found.  The rest are sort of optional, but will definitely extend your embossing repertoire.

Now for the steps:

1. Create a drawing and fill the lines with the glue pen. Or stamp your paper using the watermark ink pad. (My secret: the embossing powder sticks to regular gel ink and ink pads, too.)

2. Quickly cover the ink you want embossed with the embossing powder.  Then let sit.

3. Sift the leftover powder off your artwork and blow off the powder that isn’t stuck. (Any powder on the paper will emboss — even tiny remaining specks!)

4. Hover the heat tool about 8 inches from the artwork and turn it on.  The powder will emboss in just a few seconds.  Let dry.  And you’re done!

Snail Mail

Long live Snail Mail!

I’m obviously partial to the art of Snail Mail (I built a small business on it, after all), but really: do you know anyone who doesn’t like receiving a hand-written letter or card in the mail?!  I don’t think so.  My heart flutters every time I see an envelope that doesn’t appear to be junk mail.  So with that, I try to dress up my Snail Mail (or any) envelope.  It is the first impression, right?

I can’t imagine Snail Mail will ever become obsolete (although recent experiences at post offices paint a scary picture), but if it does, I will cry myself to sleep for the rest of my life.  Seriously.  And I’ll have to find another job, too, I guess.

(P.S.  See that embossed return-address stamp?  I accidentally figured out how to do that, and I’ll show you how in one of next week’s posts.)