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First Birthday Party Invitation

My boy just turned ONE!  We had a small party at our home, but we still sent out PosePrints invitations (of course).  Doesn’t Miller make a pretty perfect caricature?!  (Click here to see a larger version of this image on our Facebook page.)

Unique First Birthday Party Invitation by PosePrints

His personalized invitations featured some blue bunting, his cute look-alike caricature, and a blue cupcake with a red “1” candle.  I also customized his hair style to include his little blonde curls.  You can start designing your own PosePrints first birthday party invitations by clicking here. Just select the invitation design you like, click the “Personalize This Design” button, create your baby’s caricature, and add your invitation text.

We kept the party simple with a couple of cakes, some balloons, and a few strings of felt bunting:

The only handmade decoration (pictured above on the mantel) was a string of paper bunting featuring his monthly photos.  Every month we’ve taken a picture of Miller with his elephant and a numbered tie:

It’s so fun seeing how much he’s grown in one short year!  The one-to-two month was the biggest jump, don’t you think?

Happy first birthday to our beloved baby!

Kentucky Derby Bridal Shower Invitations

There’s no question about it: the most fun bridal shower I ever attended featured big derby hats, pretty sundresses, mint juleps and sunshine. It just felt so springy! The Kentucky Derby theme works so well for bridal showers (and baby showers), in fact, we created a special Kentucky Derby invitation design for our card line. Check it out here!

The Kentucky Derby invitation design features blue skies, green grass and a strip of the Kentucky Derby race track. And we even have a derby hat, feathered fascinator and mint julep as options for the caricature of the bride (or mom) to be.  As for the Kentucky Derby invitation text, make sure to let the invitees know about the theme with some wording like this:

Please join us for a Kentucky Derby Bridal Shower

in honor of

{Bride’s/Mom’s Name Here}



Wear your best Kentucky Derby Attire!


Registry Info

As always, if you would like to see any color or font changes to your invitation, please feel free to contact us.  We make color and font changes free of charge, and are seasoned pros in Kentucky Derby Invitation wording if you would like any friendly advice!


Check out our new card design: Snow!

A couple’s personalized holiday card on our new Snow design

A custom Christmas Card featuring a look-alike caricature — on PosePrints’ new Snow design

A wintery wedding Save-the-Date card on PosePrints’ new Snow design (for a winter wedding taking place in Aspen, CO)

 Not to be confused with our Snowflakes design, our modern Snow card features a blue sky, light blue stripe, and a flurry of pretty white snow.  Even though we created this as 2013’s holiday card design, it would be perfect for Save-the-Date cards (for events taking place in snowy locales), party invitations, seasonal stationery and thank you notes.

Click here to see our new Snow card design and then click the “Personalize This Design” button to customize your own avatar for unique, super-snowy cards.

iPhone Cases

Introducing…personalized iPhone Cases — featuring your custom, look-alike caricature — by PosePrints!

Our iPhone Cases feature a personalized, look-alike character that YOU create yourself.  They’re all white, and made of high-grade, durable and lightweight plastic.  We have one that fits the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S as well as one that fits the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S!

PosePrints’ iPhone Cases make the perfect, unique holiday gift, birthday gift, hostess gift, or gift for yourself!  I’m going to be creating them as Christmas gifts for everyone in my family…and I doubt they read this, so no surprise is ruined. 😉

What do you think?  Would you like your iPhone to strike a pose in a custom PosePrints iPhone Case?

Hazel Eyes

Big news: we’ve added the option of hazel eyes to the PosePrints caricatures!  I don’t know what took us so long (considering I have hazel eyes myself…*), but here we are with FOUR eye color options for your personalized characters and custom stationery.  Brown!  Green!  Blue!  And now…HAZEL!

Now don’t get me wrong.  We’ve had lots of people ask us to change their caricatures’ eye color to hazel, so there are plenty of cards, magnets and other PosePrints stationery floating around that feature hazel-eyed poses.  But now it’s official.  Personalized stationery for our hazel-eyed friends.

Is there an eye color I’m missing?  Turquoisey-blue?  Deep, deep brown?  Yellow cat eyes for Halloween?

*(Note to self: must order new business cards and thank you notes.)

Summer Instagram

I’ve loved this summer.  It isn’t even officially over for another couple of weeks, and I swear I’m already nostalgic for it.  But school has started, Labor Day Weekend has passed, and the world around us is gearing up for fall (and spring 2014 if you’re involved with New York Fashion Week!). Before we start seeing Christmas decorations, though, I need to reflect for a second on my summer. All at once, it was mellow and busy and special and normal.  Here’s a glimpse of what it looked like:

{Counter clockwise, from top left: My family on a summer evening; a bunting/garland project for M’s nursery; a San Francisco-themed housewarming gift for a friend; my mom, on her birthday, with M;  a handmade birthday card for my niece; M sitting up; custom baby shower thank you notes for a friend (featuring her beloved frenchie); another birthday card; drawing aforementioned frenchie.}

It was my first summer with my boy, and we spent our days going on walks, visiting friends, reading books, and spending lots of time with each other.  Our little family moved to a new home (so PosePrints’ headquarters moved from San Francisco, too!), and we’ve had fun decorating and gardening and settling in.  There were a few good birthday celebrations and outdoor parties.  And, of course, work/stationery-making was mixed in there, too.

Follow me/PosePrints at @PosePrints for a look at my life (“my life” = my baby…let’s be honest here), custom stationery and crafty stuff.

How was your summer?  What would your “Summer Instagram” collection look like?

Rainbow Cards

Check out our newest stationery design — the Rainbow card!  This design features a classic rainbow of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.  You know, the kind you used to draw as a kid. 😉

We were inspired to add a rainbow design to our stationery product line after attending the cutest rainbow-themed first birthday party, complete with a rainbow cake, rainbow straws, and blue “cloud” cotton candy.  Seriously.

First Birthday Rainbow Invitation

Rainbow-themed parties are fun, but this colorful design is perfect for any cheery event invitation or stationery gift — especially for our gay friends and fans who want to show their pride via caricature stationery!

Gay Rainbow StationeryRainbow Stationery

Gay Rainbow Party InvitationRainbow Party Invitation

 What do you think?  Do you like it?

Click here to check out the new rainbow card and begin customizing it with your unique, look-alike caricature!


PosePrints Instagram

We’re on Instagram (@PosePrints)!

PosePrints has been Instagramming (Is that a word? Sure.) for a few weeks now, posting a pic a day.  Our Instagram collection includes photos of our products, our office(s), our personal lives, and behind-the-scenes images of what makes our little stationery company tick.  And since Jen is the one managing the account, there is the inevitable (and occasional — promise!) photo of her baby boy.

Follow us on Instagram at @PosePrints.  And if you feel so inclined, please add photos of your PosePrints products (and tag us with @PosePrints or #PosePrints) so we know who our biggest fans are!  We’ll be running some giveaways and contests via Instagram, too.

P.S. In case you were curious, “Walden” is our favorite filter.  What’s yours?


A PosePrints Birth Announcement

It’s a…BOY!!!

My son (my son!!) was born last Tuesday, March 5th.  We are completely over-the-top in love and have spent the bulk of the past 10 days staring at him.

He’s thrilled to already have his own PosePrints “pose,” which is prominently featured on his custom Birth Announcement, above.

To create your own personalized PosePrints Birth Announcement, Baby Stationery Gifts, or Baby Thank You Notes, click on the Design tab on the PosePrints website.  Then:

  • Select the background design you’d like for your cards
  • Create a character avatar of your baby boy or baby girl
  • Add your custom message/text
  • Instantly preview your card
  • Send as a free e-card or place your order!

The entire design process from start to finish takes less than 5 minutes.  Click here to begin!

PosePrints as Wall Art

I’ve loved the prints from The Animal Print Shop ever since I first came across them.  I mean, how CUTE is this guy?!  The simplicity of them reminds me of PosePrints’ pet stationery, even though her prints are of actual photographs of animals, and ours are, well, cartoon drawings.  I’m a big fan of simple (with lots of white!) so when it came to decorating my baby’s nursery, I decided to transform a couple of our animal drawings into prints for the wall:

Since our nursery is gender-neutral (for now!), I created a French Bulldog and an owl in shades of gray.  All I did was blow up the artwork from our animal stationery, center it on an 8-1/2 x 11″ artboard in Adobe Illustrator, print and frame!  Here you can see them in the rest of the room (click to enlarge the images):

What do you think?  Which PosePrints animal would you put on your wall?