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We won! {Most Awesome Creative Card Supplier}

Thanks to YOU and Red Tricycle, we were voted Most Awesome Creative Card Supplier on the Web for 2012!

As you can see here and below, we were in the running alongside some amazing stationery companies — including Shutterfly and Minted — but our friends, fans and customers put PosePrints on top of the list!

After asking our Facebook followers and readers to vote for us, a few of you reached out to let us know you had voted.  One customer told us, “Just voted for you guys.  You have always provided the best customer service and products, and I love supporting small businesses — especially family-owned ones!  As you well know, I have been a Pose Prints fan since the beginning, and will continue to order your unique stationery and invitations in 2013 and beyond!”  Honestly, hearing that was as nice as winning this award.

As always, we thank you — so much — for your support.  Happy New Year!

Sneak Peek: Birthday Party Invitations

PosePrints‘ 5th Birthday Party is less than a month away (July 19th!) — and invitations are being stamped and addressed as I type!  After they’re all mailed out, I will give you a thorough run-down of the design (a twist on this card design).  If you’ve visited the PosePrints site before, you’re aware of my love of pink + turquoise.

What do you think of our pink-and-turqoise-polka-dots party theme (so far)?


Embossing is my new obsession.  Up until I received embossing materials for my birthday (thanks, dear friend of mine!), I didn’t really know what it was.  And now I just.can’t.stop.myself.  I emboss everything: gift tags, stationery, gift wrap, envelopes:

Embossing is EASY.  To start, pick up the following supplies:

  • Embossing heat tool.  I’m using this one.*
  • Embossing powder
  • Rubber stamps
  • A watermark or regular stamp pad
  • A glue pen

I put handy orange stars next to the heat tool and the embossing powder, because they’re the only tools you really need, I’ve found.  The rest are sort of optional, but will definitely extend your embossing repertoire.

Now for the steps:

1. Create a drawing and fill the lines with the glue pen. Or stamp your paper using the watermark ink pad. (My secret: the embossing powder sticks to regular gel ink and ink pads, too.)

2. Quickly cover the ink you want embossed with the embossing powder.  Then let sit.

3. Sift the leftover powder off your artwork and blow off the powder that isn’t stuck. (Any powder on the paper will emboss — even tiny remaining specks!)

4. Hover the heat tool about 8 inches from the artwork and turn it on.  The powder will emboss in just a few seconds.  Let dry.  And you’re done!

Sneak Peek: Party Stamps

Here’s a sneak peek of the custom stamps we ordered for our 5th Birthday Party invitations.  In doing our best to dress up the envelopes, we have colorful envelopes and return address labels ready, too!

And this is the first-ever custom PosePrints stamp — used for a friend’s Baby Shower invitations.  I’m obviously weirdly attached to this (been-through-the-mail) stamp — it’s been in my wallet since 2008!

P.S. Have you saved the date for our company’s party?!  Check out our Facebook page for more info on how to request a Save-the-Date Magnet and invitation to our big birthday bash!

Paper Love: Mini Canvas Greeting Card

My mom gave me this card for my 30th birthday. It’s from the Hallmark Signature Collection, and features a tiny wooden easel and miniature canvas attached to the front of it. The inside reads “You are your own best creation.”  Aww.  Thanks, Mom!

What’s more, it’s made so you can detach the canvas from the card (by cutting a clear little plastic tie — see it on the bottom ledge of the easel?) and display it!  It even stands like a proper easel.  It’s the perfect little desk accessory — and makes me want to paint my own little canvas sometime soon.

So creative. Stay tuned for a mini canvas by me!

Save the Date! PosePrints is turning 5!

Would you kindly save the date?!

Save the date of July 19, 2012 to celebrate PosePrints’ 5th anniversary!  Our little stationery company is turning five, and it’s a perfect excuse for a celebration.  We’re having an evening cocktail party in San Francisco to celebrate with our local friends, fans and loyal customers.

Are you living in the Bay Area and interested in attending our birthday party?  If so, please contact us through Facebook (or email us at Friends @ PosePrints . com) and let us know.  If you provide us with your mailing address, we will pop one of these snazzy Save-the-Date magnets in the mail (printed on our regular PosePrints magnet materials) and follow up with a “formal” invitation as the date gets closer.

For those of you who cannot make it to the party, we will have a little Facebook celebration with you on July 17th — our actual 5th birthday.  So make sure to “like” our page!

We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Paper Love: The French Laundry

I’m fascinated by brilliant branding (especially when it involves stationery and paper!).  And although I’m not an expert in the area, I know “brilliant” when I see it. The French Laundry is brilliant.

The restaurant’s building was used as a French laundry starting in the 1920’s, and the “laundry” branding is evident throughout the dining experience — in the actual clothespin fixed to the napkin, the clothespin icon on the cookie box, the embossed clothespin on their stationery, the laundry icons on the lamp shades, and the bill.  Oh, the bill.  Never did I think I’d be so thrilled to see a massive bill, but look:

Hand-written on a laundry tag.  With the day of the week circled.  Swoon.

And did I mention the website?!  Beautiful.


On another note, this (surprise-from-my-amazing-husband!) dinner at The French Laundry — on my actual 30th birthday — checked #16 off my Thirty While 30 List!

Paper Love: Per Se

I marked one half of one item off my Thirty While 30 list: dining at per se!  First and foremost (since stationery seems to be the theme around here), check out this gorgeous birthday card they gave me. I just love the simplicity of the little icons:

Per Se has been on my (mental) bucket list for awhile now — ever since I first lived in New York — so it’s only appropriate that I shared the experience with my my dear friend (and former NYC roommate) and little sister (current NYC resident).  It was the most amazing meal I’ve ever experienced, and included 12+ (15+?!) courses over 4.5 hours:

*Click to enlarge!*

The amount of creativity and attention to detail they put into each course was incredible. It really was an artist’s dream.

(And yes, I totally took pictures of each course…I wasn’t about to let my self consciousness outweigh my need to chronicle the once-in-a-long-time dining experience!)