Custom Cat Caricature Stationery

My little sister, Lizzie, has been requesting some custom cat caricature stationery (say that three times fast) for her kitty, Baby.  I kept putting it off because a) paying PosePrints customers come first and b) I knew my ragdoll cat-niece would be hard to draw.  She’s just so…colorful…

After months (years?) of bugging the crap out of me reminding me, Lizzie finally received a set of Baby stationery for Christmas:

And in case you are wondering what kind of person is unrelenting in her request for cat cards, here she is, mid-snorgle:

Want to see a selection of our pre-made pet cards?  Click here.  We can always customize your pet (dog, cat, rat, frog, fish) for personalized stationery, too — just ask!