Just Because Party Invitations

Would you ever send out invitations for a “just because” party or barbecue?  As much as I love to receive hard-copy holiday cards, Valentine’s Day cards, wedding Save-the-Dates and thank you notes, I LOVE the idea of receiving (and sending out) snail mail invitations for a “just because” party.  No one does that anymore, right?!  Friends and family expect to receive a Christmas Card or Baby Shower Invitation in the mail, but don’t necessarily expect to be invited to a pool party or family barbecue with a custom invitation.

{PosePrints BBQ Card — personalized with custom, look-alike caricatures}

{PosePrints American Stars card  — personalized with custom, look-alike caricatures for a 4th-of-July Party Invitation}

What do you think?  Would you mail out cards for an event that doesn’t typically warrant hard-copy invitations?  I personally love the idea.  Seems like it would make the event seem that much more special — even if you’re sending out the custom cards last-minute.

I’m going to be sure to host a “just because” BBQ or party this summer.  With PosePrints invitations.  Hold me to it!  And let us know if you end up sending out snail mail invitations for a casual party this summer…we’d love to hear.