Free Valentine’s Day E-Cards

Sometimes I’m a huge planner, and sometimes I am the biggest procrastinator you’ve ever met.  Last year, I spent forever making Valentine’s Day bunting to decorate for my Valentine’s Day dinner…and this year?  Nothing yet!

PosePrints e-cards are for the procrastinator in all of us.  You can create your own (free!) personalized e-card featuring your custom character and send it to friends and family last-minute.

To create your (free) e-card, visit and click on the DESIGN tab.  Select your background design, then create a caricature for your Valentine (or other e-card).  Add your text and instantly preview your card.  Then, instead of clicking the “Add to Shopping Bag” button, click the “Send as a Free E-Card” button.  You can then send your e-card to as many friends and family members as you’d like!

Lots of our customers use our e-cards for invitations, birthday greetings and thank you notes, too!  (Did I mention they’re free?!)  Click here to begin designing your e-card!

Pink + Blue Save-the-Date Magnets

One of our most popular card designs — “Pinks + Blues” — is now a magnet option in the PosePrints shop!  Our new “Pink + Blue Magnet” is nearly identical to its card sister, and is printed on our awesome, top-quality magnet materials.

 {A Wedding Save-the-Date Magnet}

{A Magnet as a Baby Shower Invitation}

{A Save-the-Date Magnet for a Birthday Party}

Our magnets measure 4″ x 3,” are printed using a special four-step printing process, and the quality is unlike anything we’ve seen in the Save-the-Date marketplace.  They’re a far cry from the magnets that look like someone’s glued a card to a magnet strip.  You know what I’m talking about.

Want to see it before you believe it?  We’re always happy to send a free sample of one of our magnets to you so you can check out the quality.  Just ask!

Also, you know what I’m loving right now?  Magnets as invitations.  At $2.50/each, our magnets are only slightly more expensive than our cards, and they make a longer-lasting impression (i.e. they make the front side of the fridge, not a drawer).  Think about it: magnets for kids’ parties, birthday party invitations, engagement party invitations, company party invitations, or anniversary party invitations.  What do you think?  Just make sure you can pin down your event details and order in advance; our magnets take between 5 and 10 business days to print!

25% Off Valentines!

For 2 days only, PosePrints Valentines are 25% off — with the code Hearts25!

So, ’til Friday at midnight, enter in the special discount code at check-out to save 25% on Valentines (or any order, for that matter).  We aren’t biased toward Valentines!

We have a bunch of Valentine-y background designs to choose from: Light Pink Hearts, Tiny Pink Hearts, Big Pink Hearts, and Red Hearts.  Even our Pink Stripes, Light Pink Polka-Dots or Pink Paisley would work for your personalized Valentine stationery.  Just add hearts to your caricature (see above!) and some custom Valentine’s Day wording, and any of our designs will turn into unique Valentines for yourself, your family, or your kids*!  Click on one of the designs above and then click the “Personalize This Design” button to begin the design process on our website.

*As we’ve said before, if every kid is going to hand out generic, store-bought Valentines to the class, your son or daughter should stand out!  PosePrints Valentines are totally cute and unique, and feature your child’s look-alike caricature that you create yourself!


We won! {Most Awesome Creative Card Supplier}

Thanks to YOU and Red Tricycle, we were voted Most Awesome Creative Card Supplier on the Web for 2012!

As you can see here and below, we were in the running alongside some amazing stationery companies — including Shutterfly and Minted — but our friends, fans and customers put PosePrints on top of the list!

After asking our Facebook followers and readers to vote for us, a few of you reached out to let us know you had voted.  One customer told us, “Just voted for you guys.  You have always provided the best customer service and products, and I love supporting small businesses — especially family-owned ones!  As you well know, I have been a Pose Prints fan since the beginning, and will continue to order your unique stationery and invitations in 2013 and beyond!”  Honestly, hearing that was as nice as winning this award.

As always, we thank you — so much — for your support.  Happy New Year!

Family Caricature Cards

At PosePrints, we are often asked if we can put more than two people on a card (or notepad or magnet) — and our answer is, “YES!”  As you might know, our website currently allows you to customize two caricatures for your stationery, but we’re working on the technology that will enable our customers to add as many characters as they would like to a product.

Custom Holiday Card with 3 Caricatures

Until then, however, here are some simple instructions on how to create 3, 4, 5 or 6-person cards — free of any additional charge.

1.  Place your order at with two of the caricatures on the card, notepad or magnet.  At check-out, please make note in the Comments section that you are adding “x” additional caricatures to your product.

2. Create another card (or two!) with the additional character(s) on them.  Instead of adding this card to your shopping bag, click “Send As Free E-Card” to

3. We will add all of the characters to the card, notepad or magnet and send you a proof (within 2 business days) to approve before we print!

This is the same process we ask our customers to follow if they would like anything personalized on their custom cards, notepads or magnets: color changes, font changes and added features.  Please let us know if you have any questions about specific customizations.  We love our custom orders!


Red Tri Awards

Remember when you so kindly nominated us as your favorite Card Supplier on the web?!  Well, word on the street is that PosePrints is currently in the Top 3 for Red Tricycle’s 2012 Totally Awesome Awards!  Along with 15 other stationery companies, we’re in the running to be chosen as the “Most Awesome Creative Card Supplier.”  We are honored to be included among some of our most favorite online stationery and invitations shops!

If you haven’t yet voted for us, please click here and vote for PosePrints.  Because really, who else offers custom invitations, cards, stationery, business cards, magnets and wedding programs that feature caricatures drawn by me?!  That’s right, no other. ;)


Happy Election Day 2012!  Did you vote today?

My mom and I voted (for different candidates — we’ll leave it at that!) and are so very proud to be part of this American Democracy.  We added “I VOTED” stickers to the caricature features of the PosePrints’ site so we — and you! — can show the Facebook and Twitter worlds we voted.

As a reminder, you can bring PosePrints to Facebook by making a custom caricature your Profile Pic or posting a character to a friend’s Facebook page.  Acknowledge the fact that you voted — or celebrate a birthday, holiday, or other celebration — by posting a custom, look-alike caricature to Facebook!  Here’s my “I VOTED” caricature. :)

P.S.  We voted four years ago, too!

PosePrints Holidays

The holidays are here, judging by PosePrints’ Facebook page!  And now for a simple math equation:

New Holiday Cover Photo:

+ New Profile Picture:

= A New Look on Facebook! 

Notice how our logo’s caricatures are hanging out under the mistletoe of the Cover Photo?  Yeah, it took me FOR-EV-ER to figure out how to do that, so I hope you like it. ;)

Make sure to like our Facebook page to get access to all of our best discounts, deals, contests and giveaways!  As you know, our big 50% Off sale is coming up soon (on a surprise date!) and only our Facebook Fans and Newsletter Recipients will be notified.  And as always, you can bring PosePrints to YOUR Facebook by making a custom caricature your Profile Pic or posting a character to a friend’s Facebook page to acknowledge a birthday, holiday, or other celebration!

Bunting Card Design

For awhile, I have been in love with the DIY bunting fad that’s taken over Pinterest and birthday party signs and holiday decor.  I’ve created bunting for PosePrints’ 5th Birthday Party, a couple of trade shows and Valentine’s Day.  And while I’ve only bunted (is that a word?) with paper, I’m set on trying to sew some cute fabric bunting in the near future.  Until then, I just added a “Bunting” design to PosePrints’ card options:

{First Birthday Invitation on Bunting Design}

{Rehearsal Dinner Invitation on Bunting Design}

{Baby Shower Thank You Note on Bunting Design}

As with everything on the PosePrints website, we can change up any of the colors free of any additional charge.  Want blue and yellow bunting, only striped bunting, all-pink bunting?  You got it.  Just place your order and let us know what changes you would like to see (in the Comments section at check-out) and we’ll send you a proof to approve before we print.

Click here to begin designing your very own caricature for unique bunting invitations and stationery!

Nominate PosePrints – Most Awesome Creative Card Supplier

Is PosePrints your favorite creative card supplier on the Web?  I hoped so!  My mom and I would appreciate it so much, then, if you would nominate us for the Red Tricycle “2012 Totally Awesome” Awards here.

We fit into a couple of categories:

1. Most Awesome Local –> Category: Businesses/Best Mom-Run Businesses; URL:; City: San Francisco

2. Most Awesome Baby & Kids Essentials –> Category: Web/Creative Card Suppliers; URL:


Thank you in advance for nominating us — and for your support!  My mom and I appreciate it always.