Paper Love: The French Laundry

I’m fascinated by brilliant branding (especially when it involves stationery and paper!).  And although I’m not an expert in the area, I know “brilliant” when I see it. The French Laundry is brilliant.

The restaurant’s building was used as a French laundry starting in the 1920’s, and the “laundry” branding is evident throughout the dining experience — in the actual clothespin fixed to the napkin, the clothespin icon on the cookie box, the embossed clothespin on their stationery, the laundry icons on the lamp shades, and the bill.  Oh, the bill.  Never did I think I’d be so thrilled to see a massive bill, but look:

Hand-written on a laundry tag.  With the day of the week circled.  Swoon.

And did I mention the website?!  Beautiful.


On another note, this (surprise-from-my-amazing-husband!) dinner at The French Laundry — on my actual 30th birthday — checked #16 off my Thirty While 30 List!