I just realized we haven’t yet dedicated a post to our wonderful POSE-CARDS…and believe me, they are so very worthy of one! Pose-cards are our free, unique, fun, personalized E-CARDS. To create your own custom pose-card, simply personalize a card, and instead of clicking on “add to shopping bag,” click the “send as a pose-card” button. See below!

Then, you will be taken to this page, where you just enter in your and the recipient’s names and e-mail addresses:

Easy PEASY! Now there’s no excuse not to head over to www.PosePrints.com and brighten up a friend’s e-mail box by sending out a personalized pose-card. Perfect for birthday greetings, congratulations, a unique “hello” or just for passing on your fabulous pose!

P.S. A big “YAYY!” to my mom for coming up with the “pose-card” moniker last year. Creative, huh? 🙂