Strike a pose…on your Holiday Cards!

“HOLIDAY cards?!” you ask. Yes, folks, Christmas is only 82 days away, and Hanukkah begins in 78, so we need to start planning. If you’re a Holiday-Card-Sender-Outter, then you definitely want to make the fridge this year (who wants to be tossed in the Boring Holiday Card Pile?). Now, while I DO love personalized photo cards, they can get tiring — especially when it’s the same people sending the same photo cards of the same little kids EVERY year. You know who you are!

Why not mix it up this holiday season by sending out a personalized PosePrints Holiday Card? Remind your friends and family how unique, fun, colorful and cute you are (just like PosePrints). We have a few great background designs from which to choose, including “winter snowflakes,” “red & green holiday gifts,” “christmas lights,” and “blue holiday gifts.” And, if you feel like going crazy with the holiday theme, personalize your pose with some mistletoe or a Santa hat! Go on, live on the edge!

Here’s my personalized Holiday Card. I left some room so I can write my own personal greeting on each one. I also added an apron to give my friends a laugh (“Now Jen, you KNOW you do not cook, so I hope that is an Artist’s apron.”).