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Florida Bride + PosePrints

We at PosePrints have been featured in Florida Bride Magazine! We are so thrilled to have this shout-out from such a great, fun, and helpful magazine, and we hope our Florida Bride readers who haven’t heard of us before stop by and have some fun on our site!

{Florida Bride Magazine}

The great part of being an internet-based company is that we are able to share our custom invitations, stationery, save-the-dates and all our unique caricature products globally—we may be based in San Francisco, but the good news is that anyone can order one of our products from their home and receive high-quality paper products within 3-5 days. We are so happy that all our Florida Brides can now create customizable, unique stationery and wedding programs that celebrate their special day. Brides all over are busy planning their special day and PosePrints is a way to make that process quick, fun, creative and different than run-of-the-mill invitations, save the dates and more.

The feature goes a little into the background of our company–Jen and her mother Denise used their skills as creative and business-savvy women to create a mother-daughter company that has been thriving since 2007. We are happy to know our company is flourishing and continues to reach creative brides all over–the type of bride who knows that her special day should be one to remember! With all of our products, you get to choose it all: eyebrows, hair color, lipstick, eye shape, hairstyle, accessories and clothing, and an unforgettable, unique and 100% customizable backdrop. We hope any readers from Florida Bride who decide to stop by have a blast trying out all the amazing options on our site and that invitation to play around to find the perfect match when it comes to your wedding extends to all our amazing brides the world over!

{We hope you have fun at PosePrints.Com!}

Before it all began…

The idea behind PosePrints came to fruition over time — a long time, actually.  Back in the early ’90s, Denise (mom) used to send off Jen’s (daughter) drawings to Hallmark, hoping the obnoxiously-colorful-and-busy animal drawings would pique the corporation’s interest.  That obviously did not happen.

Then, post-college, Jen started working in advertising sales with an awesome group of (mostly) ladies in NYC.  With an entry-level salary, Jen couldn’t afford to buy anything fine enough for her co-workers, so she would instead made them birthday cards featuring their look-alike caricatures.  They loved them (or at least told her they did).  With that inspiration, Jen and Denise decided they would turn personalized caricature cards into a business plan.  Voila!

Jen really misses her old co-workers.  Aren’t they lovely?  (Names withheld to protect identities. 😉 )

Happy Birthday to us!

PosePrints turns TWO! We launched our personalized stationery website back in July, 2007, and have been “growing up” ever since. As we celebrate our 2nd birthday, we thank our friends, family and fabulous customers for all of their (your) support.


Operation National Stationery Show: Complete.

I’m thrilled to announce PosePrints had a successful debut at the National Stationery Show!  We met a bunch of stationery lovers, creators and shop owners, and received some great feedback. The show reportedly had a much lower attendance than last year, but “in this economy,” lots of people were looking for something “different.” And PosePrints = different.

So, if you haven’t been to a trade show at the Javits before, this is what you get when you pay for a booth:

STUNNING, eh? And that is with that gorgeous strip of blue carpet we paid to have installed! Anyway, we started setting up two days before the show started, and we ended up needing every second of that time. One thing that prolonged the process was my decision to cut out our “NYC Skyline” at the Javits Center (instead of doing it at home and transporting it there) — it took me about 3 hours, with help, and we couldn’t do much to the booth until it was up. My mom was happy about that…and LOVED traipsing about the city looking for more and more double-sided tape. Didn’t you, Mom?

So, after about 16 hours of set-up (minus a break for chicken fingers and fries…let’s not exaggerate here), this is what our first National Stationery Show booth looked like:

What do you think? We were pretty happy with it. 🙂

To display our different lines, we made little signs for each one, which really helped the visitors get a sense of what we offered. PosePets were by far our biggest seller (and a late addition to PosePrints stationery products — who knew?), and Poses and Couture tied for second.

All in all, the show was completely exhausting, expensive, and took months to plan out…and we can’t wait for next year!

Meet our Web Guy…

We’d like to introduce you to our “Web Guy” (aka Web Expert, Web Developer, Web GENIUS), Jason Robinson of Magiclamp Networks! We must give credit where it’s due: Jason is the mastermind behind bringing our personalized stationery ideas to you and the World Wide Web. When we met Jason back in 2006, we started off by showing him a few copies of Jen’s cards (“Can you make a website where people can create this?”) — so obviously he has worked some “magic” (get it?!) in developing the PosePrints website.

Jason has over a decade of experience creating all sorts of customized websites. Check out his portfolio here!

Without further ado, here’s Jason…doesn’t his pose look like him?

PosePrints has a blog!

Hello, PosePrints’ Friends!

Welcome to the new little stationery blog of www.PosePrints.com. It’s our way of keeping you up-to-date on our newest personalized products, designs, thoughts and plans! We’ll also throw in a bit on industry trends (I guess that would be anything party or paper or stationery related, yes?) and personal news.

My mom and I are working hard to create some of the most unique and customized stationery, invitations and announcements on the web, and we wouldn’t be here without all of you sweet stationery-lovers. So, to begin this new chapter, literally: THANK YOU for your support, and welcome to our newest link!