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Hazel Eyes

Big news: we’ve added the option of hazel eyes to the PosePrints caricatures!  I don’t know what took us so long (considering I have hazel eyes myself…*), but here we are with FOUR eye color options for your personalized characters and custom stationery.  Brown!  Green!  Blue!  And now…HAZEL!

Now don’t get me wrong.  We’ve had lots of people ask us to change their caricatures’ eye color to hazel, so there are plenty of cards, magnets and other PosePrints stationery floating around that feature hazel-eyed poses.  But now it’s official.  Personalized stationery for our hazel-eyed friends.

Is there an eye color I’m missing?  Turquoisey-blue?  Deep, deep brown?  Yellow cat eyes for Halloween?

*(Note to self: must order new business cards and thank you notes.)

A PosePrints Birth Announcement

It’s a…BOY!!!

My son (my son!!) was born last Tuesday, March 5th.  We are completely over-the-top in love and have spent the bulk of the past 10 days staring at him.

He’s thrilled to already have his own PosePrints “pose,” which is prominently featured on his custom Birth Announcement, above.

To create your own personalized PosePrints Birth Announcement, Baby Stationery Gifts, or Baby Thank You Notes, click on the Design tab on the PosePrints website.  Then:

  • Select the background design you’d like for your cards
  • Create a character avatar of your baby boy or baby girl
  • Add your custom message/text
  • Instantly preview your card
  • Send as a free e-card or place your order!

The entire design process from start to finish takes less than 5 minutes.  Click here to begin!

Family Caricature Cards

At PosePrints, we are often asked if we can put more than two people on a card (or notepad or magnet) — and our answer is, “YES!”  As you might know, our website currently allows you to customize two caricatures for your stationery, but we’re working on the technology that will enable our customers to add as many characters as they would like to a product.

Custom Holiday Card with 3 Caricatures

Until then, however, here are some simple instructions on how to create 3, 4, 5 or 6-person cards — free of any additional charge.

1.  Place your order at PosePrints.com with two of the caricatures on the card, notepad or magnet.  At check-out, please make note in the Comments section that you are adding “x” additional caricatures to your product.

2. Create another card (or two!) with the additional character(s) on them.  Instead of adding this card to your shopping bag, click “Send As Free E-Card” to Friends@PosePrints.com.

3. We will add all of the characters to the card, notepad or magnet and send you a proof (within 2 business days) to approve before we print!

This is the same process we ask our customers to follow if they would like anything personalized on their custom cards, notepads or magnets: color changes, font changes and added features.  Please let us know if you have any questions about specific customizations.  We love our custom orders!



Happy Election Day 2012!  Did you vote today?

My mom and I voted (for different candidates — we’ll leave it at that!) and are so very proud to be part of this American Democracy.  We added “I VOTED” stickers to the caricature features of the PosePrints’ site so we — and you! — can show the Facebook and Twitter worlds we voted.

As a reminder, you can bring PosePrints to Facebook by making a custom caricature your Profile Pic or posting a character to a friend’s Facebook page.  Acknowledge the fact that you voted — or celebrate a birthday, holiday, or other celebration — by posting a custom, look-alike caricature to Facebook!  Here’s my “I VOTED” caricature. 🙂

P.S.  We voted four years ago, too!

30th Birthday Invitation

We’ve entered May — my favorite month of the year!  And this May is particularly special, as I turn 30 in a couple of weeks.

I’m having a little party to celebrate my departure from my 20s, and no party — however tiny — is complete without a real, personalized invitation.

While I always love to use PosePrints for my events, I decided to make this one a photo card — as the timing coincided with my finding that circa-1987 photo.  (There will be plenty of PosePrints custom caricature stationery when we celebrate PosePrints’ 5th Birthday in July, anyway.)

The round balloons on my invite also inspired our new Balloons Design.  Here’s the PosePrints version of my 30th birthday party invitation:

Here’s to living up the last two weeks of my twenties.  First stop: NYC!


$1 New Designs

We’re like the dollar store over here — giving away magnificent products for just 100 pennies a piece!  Really, though: through the end of April, our new spring card designs — Cherry Blossoms and Balloons — are $1.00 a piece. 

That’s $15 for a set of personalized stationery.  For your mom.  For Mother’s Day!  Click here to personalize our Balloons card, and click here to personalize our Cherry Blossoms card.

And pssst: we might be offering a Mother’s Day discount in the coming days.  Make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter to get the code!

A PosePrints Photo Booth

I’m starting to plan PosePrints’ 5th Birthday Party (my mom and I launched our caricature stationery business in July, 2007!), and I’m told no party is complete without a photo booth. Right?

I’ve actually never had my picture taken in a photo booth, but I hear every “set” needs a collection of mustaches and boas and other accessories.  So we might as well use what we have: PosePrints drawings!  I’m envisioning taking our caricature accessories, blowing them up, printing them out, cutting them up, and gluing them to sticks.  You know, so it looks sort of like this:

I made a goal to plan a party with “Pinterest-y party details,” and this can be just that.  A cute, time-consuming little detail.

Anyone want to help? 🙂


New Summer Wardrobe!

The PosePrints Girl* has a new summer wardrobe!

We’ve revamped the PosePrints Girl’s closet, and you’ll find all of the new features on our website.  We added:

  • Striped tops
  • A chunky gold necklace
  • Gold bracelets
  • A big gold ring
  • Summery waves (A hairstyle I wish I could pull off like many of my friends do.  At least my caricature can now…)
  • Nail polish
  • & Bright red lips

So we basically have all of the latest trends covered, aside from colored jeans, colorful belts, and wedge heels (which we would have added if our Girl had legs, a waist and feet).  Am I missing anything?  Let me know!

Ready to “try on” your new pieces?  Click here!


*We’ll soon be adding new clothing options for the PosePrints Guy, Little Girl, Little Boy and Baby, too, so stay tuned!

Style Me Pretty

PosePrints was featured in Style Me Pretty!

Well, it was our wedding that was featured, but PosePrints-made stationery enjoyed its Style Me Pretty debut.

Our wedding paper “suite” wasn’t entirely cohesive, because we were set on a few “musts”:

  • A Craigslist theme for the Save-the-Dates
  • Letterpress for the invitations
  • PosePrints caricatures for the programs

Here is a photo of our Save-the-Date Magnets from the SMP post (It’s a long story, but my husband and I wouldn’t have met without the help of Craigslist!):

And here are our simple, modern letterpress invitations featuring the Durham Ranch barn — designed by me, printed by Alan Hillesheim:

Our beloved Wedding Ceremony Program, featuring caricatures of me, my groom and our bridal party was shared, too:

Thank you, Style Me Pretty! See the whole post — and all of the photos — by clicking here.


Bottle Labels

PosePrints was supposed to start out as a custom-caricature-bottle-label company.  I’m serious.  It all started back in college, when I covered six bottles of “birthday beer” with homemade labels for a friend’s 21st birthday. My mom was so PUMPED by these labels that she slyly stole one of the leftover bottles when we were moving out of our apartment at graduation. And she still has that stolen bottle. I’m serious (again).

PosePrints obviously skipped the label boat and instead was transformed into a caricature stationery shop, but I still have a special spot in my heart for homemade bottle labels. As recent as 2010, I made one as part of a dear friend’s birthday gift (shown above).

And here’s another one I made back in 2005 (two years pre-PosePrints!).  The “Jenny Regal – Aged 28 Years” label is covering a bottle of Chivas for a friend named Jenny on her 28th birthday. Don’t be jealous of my brilliant wordplay!

I actually am looking forward to hosting a party or shower and creating custom bottle labels (and finally making my (mom’s) dreams come true).  I’ll keep you posted…