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Pose on Facebook

Spread the word! You can now add your PosePrints personalized caricature (or “pose”…or “avatar”) to your Facebook Wall! We call this…MyPose.

To create your MyPose, put together your caricature here and then click “Save as MyPose.” Then, follow the instructions until we send you the Facebook link to paste onto your Wall. Paste it! Your caricature will then show up on your Wall, like this:

Create a caricature for your Facebook page, or paste caricatures of your friends onto their Walls! Click here to see me. I’m groovy.

Magnet Close-Up

If you didn’t already know, we launched personalized magnets last week! Here’s a photo so you can see how a REAL LIFE PosePrints Save-the-Date magnet looks! This is the lavender polka-dot design.

A Pose for Kate

Since the tabloid drama began, I’ve been incredibly tempted to add the hairstyle of Kate Gosselin (of TLC’s ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’…heard of them?) to PosePrints’ caricature features. Personally, I think it could be a popular addition: “Now YOU can own PosePrints stationery with Kate’s hairstyle!!” That sort of thing.

Here’s a taste of the spiky, highlighted half-mullet in all of its gorgeousness. Not to brag, but I think it’s pretty right-on.

And hey, if anyone out there knows Kate, will you please let her know we have a set of PosePrints stationery waiting for her? Thanks!

Make it a double!

As we all very well know, PosePrints allows you to add TWO caricature poses to any card design! That means we are practically perfect for personalized twins’ birthday party invitations, twins’ birth announcements, twins’ graduation party invitations, twins’ thank you notes, etc. Click here to begin customizing caricatures of your twins to be featured on cute, personalized PosePrints stationery!

Children’s Graduation Announcements

Congratulations, Class of 2009! It’s the cap-and-gown time of year, and PosePrints is your stop for cute and personalized Graduation Announcements and Grad Party Invitations. Due to popular demand, we just added a graduation cap and gown to PosePrints’ children’s poses, too, so you can now create personalized Graduation Announcements for your kids!

Whether your child is graduating from Pre-School, Kindergarten, Elementary School, or even an extra-curricular program, make sure to honor your little graduate!