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Pinterest Project – Cursive Cards

As I’ve said before, Pinterest is this craft geek’s dream come true.  This time, inspired by this pin, I made personalized cards for a friend’s birthday gift. Although it’s not letterpress (I wish I had a press at home!  A girl can dream.), I’m happy with the result. I hope said friend is, too:

Looks simple, right? Well, that was the goal.  Making it, however, was anything but simple. Here’s how it went:

  • In Adobe Illustrator, I started out by typing her name in “Respective Slanted” font:
  • I created the swirls/ribbon on either side of her name by using a couple of different glyphs.  Then I molded them together with an upside down “e” (while wondering what I’d gotten myself into.):

  • The letters of her name were too close together, so I increased the kerning and then made little “connecters” (technical word), like this:

  • I then joined everything together and used the smooth tool to make it look cohesive. Then I printed the design onto A2 cards:

What do you think? I’m all about Pinterest Projects, but I’m not sure if I’ll be tackling this one again anytime soon. Glad I tried it once. : )

DIY Gift Tags

I’ve always been one to make my own birthday/baby shower/bridal shower/greeting cards for friends and family. In the last couple of decades, I’ve only purchased one — maybe two? — mass-produced greeting cards (due to a severe time crunch, I swear), and I still haven’t forgiven myself.

Lately, however, I haven’t had nearly the amount of time I need to make quality birthday/shower/greeting cards, so I’ve started creating homemade laminated gift tags instead.  They’re not *as* “I-put-so-much-time-into-making-this-especially-for-you” as a homemade card, but it gives my gifts a nice, crafty, thoughtful touch.  And it takes only a few minutes to make (with no trip to the stationery store!).  I highly recommend trying this at home.

Here’s what you will need to create your own gift tags at home:

  • Paper (blank on both sides — or with a pretty design on one side)
  • Pen or markers
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch (I use a 1/16″ or 1/8″ punch from a craft store)
  • String (friendship bracelet string bought in bulk from a craft store)

Here’s your laminating machine (clear packing tape!):

I “laminate” the paper to give the gift tags a nice, sturdy, “this took a long time to make” feel.  The laminate also allows them to last longer, in case the recipient is the keepsake type. (One of my friends still has her Jen-made laminated tag from a few years ago, and puts it up on her Christmas tree every year as an ornament.)

Here’s how you can laminate your gift tag (or anything else that measures less than the width of your packing tape!) at home:

1a. Pull out a long piece of clear packing tape from the roll.

1b. Stick one side of your completed tag (PosePrints caricature business card cut-out, shown above!) against the sticky side of the tape, then fold the tape over against the back side of the tag.

1c. Press the tape together so it’s sticking as close to the tag as possible.

2. Use your scissors to cut around the gift tag (I highly recommend cutting your tags out using straight lines — it will make it easier to follow the lines when cutting away the tape.)

3. Punch a hole.

4. Thread your string through the hole and tie to the gift!


Obviously I am a fan of drawing caricatures, but any simple drawing will work for your tag. (Check out that flower up there…you can totally do that!)  If you’re afraid of the pen, use rubber stamps or left-over greeting card scraps or any pretty patterned paper.  I promise, once you add your “laminate,” anything will look somewhat fancy.

Do you make your own greeting cards or gift tags?  I want to see! (Email me at Jen at PosePrints dot com.)

Pinterest Project & Free Artwork Download

We’re on Pinterest — well, I (Jen) am on Pinterest!  Find me here and follow me, so we at PosePrints can follow you!

I’m addicted.  It’s fun.  And it’s making me realize how un-Martha-like I am.  Regardless, I finished my first Pinterest-inspired project: a piece of artwork for my kitchen.  This pin sparked it because a) I love fonts — all fonts* — and b) I liked the idea of using a quote that means something to me (and my husband).  Here’s what came of it:

We love Bill Withers, we love his song Lovely Day (who doesn’t, really?), and we had a nice 16×20″ white frame — and a pre-cut white mat — ready to fill the wall space.  I used Market Deco font (download it for free here!) after trying wayyyy too hard to make my beloved Adios Script work.  Alas, it was just too much.

Like my kitchen artwork?  I’m all about sharing, so email me (Jen at PosePrints dot com) or contact me via Pinterest and I’ll send you the PDF for free!  It measures 8×10.

Let’s pin!

*I lied.  I don’t like Scriptina.  Or Comic Sans.