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C Weddings Magazine

We are thrilled to be included in the stunning Spring 2012 issue of C Weddings Magazine!

Circled above, the original PosePrints’ Wedding Ceremony Program was created for Jen’s wedding in September, 2011, and is featured in the current issue of C Weddings Magazine (page 109!).  The lovely affair was designed by the amazing Laurie Arons, of Laurie Arons Special Events, and was held at Durham Ranch in St. Helena, California.

Jen designed all of her own wedding stationery, and both her Bridal Party Invitations and Bachelorette Party Invitations featured her caricature. (I know, it’s sort of weird for a bride to design her own shower invitations, but our company isn’t exactly big enough for orders to go unnoticed by the Founders.  And she wanted PosePrints, okay?!)

When it came to the actual wedding day, however, she wanted to be more discreet with the family-biz-promotion — you know, because there’s probably a limit to the number of caricature products you should use for one wedding.  So she created the look-alikes of her bridal party for the inside of her Wedding Program, all printed inside a neat, tri-fold card with a pretty striped cover. (That also meant no bow-tying or hole-punching.  Bonus!)

After getting nothing but “how fun!” and “so unique!” and “I could tell who all of the bridesmaids were!” feedback on the programs, we decided to add them to PosePrints’ product line.

And here we are.  Click here to check out the different designs we offer, all of which are completely customizable — from colors and fonts to wording and caricatures.

Thank you, C Weddings Magazine!

*Event planning by Laurie Arons * Photography by Meg Smith*