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Summer Instagram

I’ve loved this summer.  It isn’t even officially over for another couple of weeks, and I swear I’m already nostalgic for it.  But school has started, Labor Day Weekend has passed, and the world around us is gearing up for fall (and spring 2014 if you’re involved with New York Fashion Week!). Before we start seeing Christmas decorations, though, I need to reflect for a second on my summer. All at once, it was mellow and busy and special and normal.  Here’s a glimpse of what it looked like:

{Counter clockwise, from top left: My family on a summer evening; a bunting/garland project for M’s nursery; a San Francisco-themed housewarming gift for a friend; my mom, on her birthday, with M;  a handmade birthday card for my niece; M sitting up; custom baby shower thank you notes for a friend (featuring her beloved frenchie); another birthday card; drawing aforementioned frenchie.}

It was my first summer with my boy, and we spent our days going on walks, visiting friends, reading books, and spending lots of time with each other.  Our little family moved to a new home (so PosePrints’ headquarters moved from San Francisco, too!), and we’ve had fun decorating and gardening and settling in.  There were a few good birthday celebrations and outdoor parties.  And, of course, work/stationery-making was mixed in there, too.

Follow me/PosePrints at @PosePrints for a look at my life (“my life” = my baby…let’s be honest here), custom stationery and crafty stuff.

How was your summer?  What would your “Summer Instagram” collection look like?

Red Tri Awards

Remember when you so kindly nominated us as your favorite Card Supplier on the web?!  Well, word on the street is that PosePrints is currently in the Top 3 for Red Tricycle’s 2012 Totally Awesome Awards!  Along with 15 other stationery companies, we’re in the running to be chosen as the “Most Awesome Creative Card Supplier.”  We are honored to be included among some of our most favorite online stationery and invitations shops!

If you haven’t yet voted for us, please click here and vote for PosePrints.  Because really, who else offers custom invitations, cards, stationery, business cards, magnets and wedding programs that feature caricatures drawn by me?!  That’s right, no other. 😉

The Bubble Necklace

I’m not the trendiest girl around, but who could miss the mega-popular “bubble necklace” that has taken the fashion world (or, at least, my Facebook and Pinterest feeds) by storm?!  We decided to add a couple of versions of the bubble necklace to the PosePrints site  — so your custom stationery can be as cute and trendy as possible!

Bubble Necklace Personalized Stationery

We added a turquoise and yellow gold bubble necklace and a pink and silver version (see above!) to the PosePrints Girl, and, as always, we can change the color to anything you request when you place your custom stationery order.

Are there any other fashions you would like to see added to any of the PosePrints caricatures?  Just let us know — we love your emails and suggestions!



It’s a big day over here…PosePrints has a FAVICON!

What is a favicon, you ask?  According to our good friend Wiki, a favicon is a “shortcut icon, Web site icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon, most commonly 16×16 pixels, associated with a particular Web site or Web page.  Check it out here:

Okay, it’s obviously a little small (I did say it measures 16×16 pixels), so it’s best seen on your browser.  Go check it out at PosePrints.com and let us know how it looks to you!  See it?!  Here’s a zoomed-in version:

It’s the tiniest little PosePrints caricature that’s ever existed!  I made her in Illustrator (a.k.a. my best friend) by setting my artboard at 16 pixels by 16 pixels, shrinking a PosePrints caricature down by a million percent, and fixing her up from there.  I then exported it at 72 dpi, and…voilà!  Okay, I handed the file over to our web guru and he added our favicon girl.  I can’t take all of the credit.

I’m not sure what took us so long to favicon-ize our site, but I now can’t imagine what life was like before she was here.  Seriously, though, she’s a keeper.

PosePets: Norwich Terrier

For a custom stationery order (and in honor of my favorite dog in my favorite movie, “Best in Show”), I recently drew up a little Norwich Terrier.  It’s a Norwich — and not a Norfolk — ’cause of its pointy little ears.  See?

What do you think?

A Pose for Kate

Since the tabloid drama began, I’ve been incredibly tempted to add the hairstyle of Kate Gosselin (of TLC’s ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’…heard of them?) to PosePrints’ caricature features. Personally, I think it could be a popular addition: “Now YOU can own PosePrints stationery with Kate’s hairstyle!!” That sort of thing.

Here’s a taste of the spiky, highlighted half-mullet in all of its gorgeousness. Not to brag, but I think it’s pretty right-on.

And hey, if anyone out there knows Kate, will you please let her know we have a set of PosePrints stationery waiting for her? Thanks!