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Fun with Bachelorette Party Invites!

We know that planning the perfect bachelorette party is no easy task—all those details to take care of—venue, food and entertainment! But this is the opportunity to create special, unique and fun memories just for the girls to remember! PosePrints has all your bridesmaid and bride invitation needs taken care of—we have cute, fun, and completely custom bachelorette party invitations available that can be designed to make your invites stand out. Your bachelorette party is special and exciting—and we can help reflect that in our customized and unique invitations!

The bridal party or bride can make their debut via our caricature cards—create the spitting image of the bride or bridesmaids using our site—that means hair, eye color, skin tone, and accessories all chip in to make that perfect card that’s just for you! Let everyone know where to meet for your night—let everyone know the fun ahead of them and what you have planned. Not only that, but you can do it in a way that’s exciting, fresh, sweet and so cute the card will be kept long past your the hen party itself.  The daring and feisty bridal party can go for one of our colorful and bold designs—like the Balloons or Pink + Blues.

{Pink+Blue Design}

The traditional and classic bride can choose from our more calm—yet always chic—customizable invitation backdrops–such as the Paisley or  Cherry Blossom designs.

{Cherry Blossom Design}

And of course for our ladies who love their hometown, we’ve got lots of cities to choose from–San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, London and more! The backdrops and possibilities are endless!

{Blue City Skyline}

A quick ProTip: when ordering invitations, it’s a great time to create favors to match featuring the bridal party or the beautiful bride with our other products—customized notecards, magnets and on-trend iphone cases are all on our site! Feel free to take a peep!

{iPhone Cases + Notepads as favor ideas}

As your big day comes up, and with it that unforgettable bachelorette party—we hope you’ll keep us in mind. Have a blast!






PosePrints has new Autumn Designs in time for Fall!

It’s getting chillier, the days are getting shorter, and it’s time to take out your biggest, comfiest sweater! It’s the time of year for hot apple cider, big scarves, pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, gathering with your family for Thanksgiving and if you’re lucky to be in the right places, watching the leaves turn amazing shades of yellow and red! Fall is such a fun time of year because we all get cozy, snuggle up inside, spend time with family and eat lots of yummy foods (sugar cookies! Cranberry sauce! Turkey dinner! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!).

In honor of entering into this Fall season, we wanted to share a few of our fun designs that are perfect for this season! Here are a few backdrops to keep in mind when designing invitations, sending free E-Cards or creating thank-you-notes or save-the-dates that hit the right note for autumn-themed planning:

We have our classic pumpkin design–perfect for Halloween and Spooky Parties! It’ll be a party (and invitation) to remember!

For a chic, evocative backdrop, try our Autumn Leaves!

And of course, for those misty fall days, we’ve got our Rain Showers backdrop!

Try putting a caricature version of yourself in front of these fun, Fall designs!

What’s so  unique about our custom stationery is that we make sure our caricature designs fit and reflect you. Having the most individual and creative invitations for your family’s thanksgiving or your Halloween Monster Mash means that you want to be able to show who you are best—by choosing the lip color, hair color, eyebrows, clothes and backdrop that accurately display who you and your family are. We at PosePrints want to keep you looking up-to-date, chic, adorable in our caricatures and to make sure our paper products are printed quickly and with quality you can spot. Happy Autumn!

Summer Instagram

I’ve loved this summer.  It isn’t even officially over for another couple of weeks, and I swear I’m already nostalgic for it.  But school has started, Labor Day Weekend has passed, and the world around us is gearing up for fall (and spring 2014 if you’re involved with New York Fashion Week!). Before we start seeing Christmas decorations, though, I need to reflect for a second on my summer. All at once, it was mellow and busy and special and normal.  Here’s a glimpse of what it looked like:

{Counter clockwise, from top left: My family on a summer evening; a bunting/garland project for M’s nursery; a San Francisco-themed housewarming gift for a friend; my mom, on her birthday, with M;  a handmade birthday card for my niece; M sitting up; custom baby shower thank you notes for a friend (featuring her beloved frenchie); another birthday card; drawing aforementioned frenchie.}

It was my first summer with my boy, and we spent our days going on walks, visiting friends, reading books, and spending lots of time with each other.  Our little family moved to a new home (so PosePrints’ headquarters moved from San Francisco, too!), and we’ve had fun decorating and gardening and settling in.  There were a few good birthday celebrations and outdoor parties.  And, of course, work/stationery-making was mixed in there, too.

Follow me/PosePrints at @PosePrints for a look at my life (“my life” = my baby…let’s be honest here), custom stationery and crafty stuff.

How was your summer?  What would your “Summer Instagram” collection look like?

DIY by Dad

I cherish this little wooden rainbow:

When I was five or six, I had a brilliant request for my dad: could he build me a rainbow for our front yard, with swings hanging from it?  While I had pictured a life-size version (you know, one I could slide down, like Rainbow Brite), he made me this.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was a little small, but it became one of my favorite things.  He even drew a little character on one of the swings:

Or maybe I drew that.

Maybe he can teach me something about carpentry (before I turn 31, of course)…

String Wrap

Check out my string, posing as wrapping paper:

It’s rare a box is nice enough for this gift wrapping technique to work, so I was pret-ty happy to get a cute box with my Anthropologie purchase. Have a nice, small box and some string? Here’s how you can DIY:

1. Tape the end of one piece of string to the bottom of the box.

2. Wrap it around the box a few times, and tape the other end on the bottom of the box.

3. Repeat!

Pretty cute, right?


P.S. Like the gift tag? I made that here.

DIY Gift Tags

I’ve always been one to make my own birthday/baby shower/bridal shower/greeting cards for friends and family. In the last couple of decades, I’ve only purchased one — maybe two? — mass-produced greeting cards (due to a severe time crunch, I swear), and I still haven’t forgiven myself.

Lately, however, I haven’t had nearly the amount of time I need to make quality birthday/shower/greeting cards, so I’ve started creating homemade laminated gift tags instead.  They’re not *as* “I-put-so-much-time-into-making-this-especially-for-you” as a homemade card, but it gives my gifts a nice, crafty, thoughtful touch.  And it takes only a few minutes to make (with no trip to the stationery store!).  I highly recommend trying this at home.

Here’s what you will need to create your own gift tags at home:

  • Paper (blank on both sides — or with a pretty design on one side)
  • Pen or markers
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch (I use a 1/16″ or 1/8″ punch from a craft store)
  • String (friendship bracelet string bought in bulk from a craft store)

Here’s your laminating machine (clear packing tape!):

I “laminate” the paper to give the gift tags a nice, sturdy, “this took a long time to make” feel.  The laminate also allows them to last longer, in case the recipient is the keepsake type. (One of my friends still has her Jen-made laminated tag from a few years ago, and puts it up on her Christmas tree every year as an ornament.)

Here’s how you can laminate your gift tag (or anything else that measures less than the width of your packing tape!) at home:

1a. Pull out a long piece of clear packing tape from the roll.

1b. Stick one side of your completed tag (PosePrints caricature business card cut-out, shown above!) against the sticky side of the tape, then fold the tape over against the back side of the tag.

1c. Press the tape together so it’s sticking as close to the tag as possible.

2. Use your scissors to cut around the gift tag (I highly recommend cutting your tags out using straight lines — it will make it easier to follow the lines when cutting away the tape.)

3. Punch a hole.

4. Thread your string through the hole and tie to the gift!


Obviously I am a fan of drawing caricatures, but any simple drawing will work for your tag. (Check out that flower up there…you can totally do that!)  If you’re afraid of the pen, use rubber stamps or left-over greeting card scraps or any pretty patterned paper.  I promise, once you add your “laminate,” anything will look somewhat fancy.

Do you make your own greeting cards or gift tags?  I want to see! (Email me at Jen at PosePrints dot com.)