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Soccer Cards (& Free World Cup Party E-Cards!)

We all have goals when it comes to watching the World Cup, including throwing the perfect viewing party to watch goals get scored! Luckily, PosePrints has got you covered with our unique stationery—free custom E-Cards designed by you!

{Soccer Design — World Cup party invitation personalized with custom, look-alike caricatures}

We have a great new card that Jen designed which is perfect for the World Cup as well as year-round personal stationery for kids and coaches’ gifts. All you need to do is choose the Soccer Card background design and then choose from all of our customizable caricature options to show everyone how excited you are about the game. Once you’re done, you can send it as an e-card or choose to have it printed. All the accessories in our caricature stationery let you make the decisions about how you look and what to wear (maybe your team’s colors!). With personalized stationery it’s easy to let everyone know when to come to your place to watch soccer, snack and catch up. We’ll be keeping our eyes open on Thursday to see the United States vs. Germany and we hope that whenever you choose to throw your party, PosePrints can help you get that game going with our Soccer Card!

{Soccer Design — personalized custom Coach’s party invitation}

{Soccer Design– personalized stationery with a custom caricature!}


I just realized we haven’t yet dedicated a post to our wonderful POSE-CARDS…and believe me, they are so very worthy of one! Pose-cards are our free, unique, fun, personalized E-CARDS. To create your own custom pose-card, simply personalize a card, and instead of clicking on “add to shopping bag,” click the “send as a pose-card” button. See below!

Then, you will be taken to this page, where you just enter in your and the recipient’s names and e-mail addresses:

Easy PEASY! Now there’s no excuse not to head over to www.PosePrints.com and brighten up a friend’s e-mail box by sending out a personalized pose-card. Perfect for birthday greetings, congratulations, a unique “hello” or just for passing on your fabulous pose!

P.S. A big “YAYY!” to my mom for coming up with the “pose-card” moniker last year. Creative, huh? 🙂