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Wholesale 2.0

We just added an entire Wholesale section to the PosePrints website! Now, retailers can register on our website for a PosePrints Wholesale login — with which they can view our wholesale collection (and wholesale prices!). So, if anyone finds Order Forms and PDF Catalogs archaic, they can view our products and shop online instead.

All of our Packaged Cards are now available to wholesalers. Our designs (Couture, PosePets, Poses, Fill-ins, etc.!) are fresh and colorful — just like our original, personalized PosePrints — and can be used as packaged thank you notes, personalized invitations, stationery gifts, imprintables, social stationery and more. Make sure to ask your local gift shops and stationery shops to visit PosePrints.com so they can view our colorful collection!

Fill it in, fill it in!

I have never been entirely drawn to fill-in invitations, stationery and thank you notes, mostly because what’s out there tends to look “lazy” (i.e. “I waited until the very last minute to invite your friends to your Bridal Shower!”). I used to think high-quality, printed invitations were the only way to make a classy first impression for an event, but, I have recently seen lots of cute fill-in invitations on the local Paperie shelves that are just as sophisticated as printed invitations. So, we just HAD to add some to the PosePrints site!

Here is one of our new Bridal Shower Fill-in Invitations. I know it looks like we are totally obsessed with polka-dots, and that’s probably because we ARE. We also created some unique Baby Shower Invitations and Children’s Thank You Notes for our Fill-in line.

We are in the process of adding even MORE Fill-ins to the collection, so make sure to keep checking our Packaged Cards section for newbies.

One common-sense tip for creating the most sophisticated fill-in invitations possible for the next Baby Shower or Bridal Shower you are hosting: ask your friend-with-the-best-handwriting to help you fill them out fill them out for you! That’s what friends are for…