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String Wrap

Check out my string, posing as wrapping paper:

It’s rare a box is nice enough for this gift wrapping technique to work, so I was pret-ty happy to get a cute box with my Anthropologie purchase. Have a nice, small box and some string? Here’s how you can DIY:

1. Tape the end of one piece of string to the bottom of the box.

2. Wrap it around the box a few times, and tape the other end on the bottom of the box.

3. Repeat!

Pretty cute, right?


P.S. Like the gift tag? I made that here.

PosePrints Holidays!

Can you believe it?!  Three days left of Hanukkah…19 days ’til Christmas…and 26 days ’til 2011!  As the holiday season flies by, we want to give our dear PosePrints friends a few suggestions for holiday greetings and gifts.  Remember, for guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve, orders must be placed by the end of this week!

It might be too late to send out Hanukkah Cards — we’re fast, but not that fast — but PosePrints make unique hand-written thank you notes (you ARE hand-writing your thank you notes, we hope! ;)…

You still have some time to send out custom Christmas Cards (order this week, receive them and mail them out next week)…

…and there’s still plenty of time to order personalized Christmas gifts: notepads, recipe cards, stationery sets and thank you notes for yourself, your friends and your family.

(Feel like you’ll be cutting it too close to send out Christmas Cards by the 25th?  We’re big fans of New Years greetings.  Send out custom New Years cards by mid-January wishing your loved ones the best in 2011!)

* Happy, happy holidays from our family to yours! *

Denise and Jen

PosePrints as Gifts

Now that Holiday shopping is nearing its end (for me, at least — huge props for those of you who take advantage of those post-holiday sales! I just can’t do it.), we have an even clearer idea of how YOU gift PosePrints. In the spirit of giving, I thought I’d outline all of the wonderful ways you created personalized, unique gifts out of PosePrints this season:

* Personalized Stationery for your boss…your colleague…your Secret Santa…your best friend…your second-and-third-best friends…your family members.

* Couples Stationery for the cutesy couples you know (I am fully aware that our style isn’t perfect for everybody ;))

* Baby Stationery

* Children’s Stationery

* Personalized Recipe Cards for Grandma, Mom, friends, family…or anyone who keeps their recipes near and dear. Or put YOUR “secret” recipe on PosePrints recipe cards to attach to gifts in lieu of greeting cards.

* Stationery for your friend who’s expecting

* Thank You Notes

* Housewarming Gifts (how many bottles of wine does one person really need anyway?)