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Summer Instagram

I’ve loved this summer.  It isn’t even officially over for another couple of weeks, and I swear I’m already nostalgic for it.  But school has started, Labor Day Weekend has passed, and the world around us is gearing up for fall (and spring 2014 if you’re involved with New York Fashion Week!). Before we start seeing Christmas decorations, though, I need to reflect for a second on my summer. All at once, it was mellow and busy and special and normal.  Here’s a glimpse of what it looked like:

{Counter clockwise, from top left: My family on a summer evening; a bunting/garland project for M’s nursery; a San Francisco-themed housewarming gift for a friend; my mom, on her birthday, with M;  a handmade birthday card for my niece; M sitting up; custom baby shower thank you notes for a friend (featuring her beloved frenchie); another birthday card; drawing aforementioned frenchie.}

It was my first summer with my boy, and we spent our days going on walks, visiting friends, reading books, and spending lots of time with each other.  Our little family moved to a new home (so PosePrints’ headquarters moved from San Francisco, too!), and we’ve had fun decorating and gardening and settling in.  There were a few good birthday celebrations and outdoor parties.  And, of course, work/stationery-making was mixed in there, too.

Follow me/PosePrints at @PosePrints for a look at my life (“my life” = my baby…let’s be honest here), custom stationery and crafty stuff.

How was your summer?  What would your “Summer Instagram” collection look like?

PosePrints Instagram

We’re on Instagram (@PosePrints)!

PosePrints has been Instagramming (Is that a word? Sure.) for a few weeks now, posting a pic a day.  Our Instagram collection includes photos of our products, our office(s), our personal lives, and behind-the-scenes images of what makes our little stationery company tick.  And since Jen is the one managing the account, there is the inevitable (and occasional — promise!) photo of her baby boy.

Follow us on Instagram at @PosePrints.  And if you feel so inclined, please add photos of your PosePrints products (and tag us with @PosePrints or #PosePrints) so we know who our biggest fans are!  We’ll be running some giveaways and contests via Instagram, too.

P.S. In case you were curious, “Walden” is our favorite filter.  What’s yours?


Instagram Vacation

*Lots of fun + a little work*

Speaking of vacation…happy Fourth of July!  May your mid-week vacation be blissful.

Week at a Glance

My week at a glance:

  • Spring is finally here (in San Francisco, at least!) — just in time for Easter.  And ranunculus!
  • Target “pouf” purchased as a side table.  Another step in our redecorating mini-journey.
  • My mom unloaded some of my old belongings on me, including this made-by-Mom-29-years-ago T-shirt. Craftiness runs in the family!
  • Working on somebody’s 30th Birthday Party Invitation.

Happy weekend!


I’m slowly delving into the world of Instagram — on my husband’s phone.  Still the semi-proud owner of an antiquated BlackBerry, I can only Instagram when I’m with my husband at nights and on weekends.  And on vacation:

{That’s me in NYC this last weekend.  We saw The Book of Mormon.  It was fantastic.}

So while my Instagram activity is sporadic, I’m still there — at JenHMoss. Find me!  I’ll be getting much better with it, too, since I’m finally shopping for my *first* iPhone and should have it in the coming weeks.  Cannot. Wait.