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New Summer Wardrobe!

The PosePrints Girl* has a new summer wardrobe!

We’ve revamped the PosePrints Girl’s closet, and you’ll find all of the new features on our website.  We added:

  • Striped tops
  • A chunky gold necklace
  • Gold bracelets
  • A big gold ring
  • Summery waves (A hairstyle I wish I could pull off like many of my friends do.  At least my caricature can now…)
  • Nail polish
  • & Bright red lips

So we basically have all of the latest trends covered, aside from colored jeans, colorful belts, and wedge heels (which we would have added if our Girl had legs, a waist and feet).  Am I missing anything?  Let me know!

Ready to “try on” your new pieces?  Click here!


*We’ll soon be adding new clothing options for the PosePrints Guy, Little Girl, Little Boy and Baby, too, so stay tuned!

New Features

We added a few new features to our “poses” this weekend! Go on over to PosePrints.com and create a personalized pose-card so you can check them out…

Sports Tops! Brownish Blonde Hair! Strawberry Blonde Hair! “Dramatic Eyes”! Aviator Sunglasses! Numbered Cupcakes! Visors! Hairstyles! Outfits!

We’re obviously really excited.