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Paper Love: Per Se

I marked one half of one item off my Thirty While 30 list: dining at per se!  First and foremost (since stationery seems to be the theme around here), check out this gorgeous birthday card they gave me. I just love the simplicity of the little icons:

Per Se has been on my (mental) bucket list for awhile now — ever since I first lived in New York — so it’s only appropriate that I shared the experience with my my dear friend (and former NYC roommate) and little sister (current NYC resident).  It was the most amazing meal I’ve ever experienced, and included 12+ (15+?!) courses over 4.5 hours:

*Click to enlarge!*

The amount of creativity and attention to detail they put into each course was incredible. It really was an artist’s dream.

(And yes, I totally took pictures of each course…I wasn’t about to let my self consciousness outweigh my need to chronicle the once-in-a-long-time dining experience!)