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First Birthday Party Invitation

My boy just turned ONE!  We had a small party at our home, but we still sent out PosePrints invitations (of course).  Doesn’t Miller make a pretty perfect caricature?!  (Click here to see a larger version of this image on our Facebook page.)

Unique First Birthday Party Invitation by PosePrints

His personalized invitations featured some blue bunting, his cute look-alike caricature, and a blue cupcake with a red “1” candle.  I also customized his hair style to include his little blonde curls.  You can start designing your own PosePrints first birthday party invitations by clicking here. Just select the invitation design you like, click the “Personalize This Design” button, create your baby’s caricature, and add your invitation text.

We kept the party simple with a couple of cakes, some balloons, and a few strings of felt bunting:

The only handmade decoration (pictured above on the mantel) was a string of paper bunting featuring his monthly photos.  Every month we’ve taken a picture of Miller with his elephant and a numbered tie:

It’s so fun seeing how much he’s grown in one short year!  The one-to-two month was the biggest jump, don’t you think?

Happy first birthday to our beloved baby!

Our New Arrival…

PosePrints Babies are here! Their cute little faces were inspired by one of Jen’s friends (who shall remain nameless…okay, ONE hint: her name starts with “M” and ends with “olly.”) who wanted her A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E youngest daughter (8 months) on their Holiday Party Invitation. We hadn’t created personalized babies before, but the drawing turned out pretty cute, so we decided we had to add them to the site for YOU!

WHY is it so exciting to have babies on PosePrints.com, you ask? Well, now you can create personalized Birth Announcements, Stationery for Baby, Baby Thank You Notes, First Birthday Party Invitations (just add a birthday cupcake!), Holiday Cards, Sibling Stationery, Baptism Invitations and more. Depending on which hair style, mouth and baby accessories you add, you can make your personalized baby look like a newborn or a 2-year-old!