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PosePrints on The Bonnie Hunt Show!

PosePrints’ stationery was featured on The Bonnie Hunt Show!  YEAH!!!  Click here to see our cards (and notepads and recipe cards and party invitations and magnets!) in all of their glory — featuring Bonnie Hunt’s caricature — in her special “Teacher Appreciation Day” episode.

I think she especially loved her magnets:

20% OFF Mother’s Day Gifts!

Order personalized recipe cards, notepads, stationery or note cards for Mom (featuring her caricature!) by May 3rd, and we guarantee you’ll have them by Friday, May 7th — in time for Mother’s Day!  PosePrints make one-of-a-kind, totally unique Mother’s Day gifts (unless your mom has an identical twin…who likes to wear the same PosePrints clothing…and accessories).

As seen in Paula Deen!

PosePrints’ Recipe Cards and Dinner Party Invitations were featured in a special collector’s issue of Cooking with Paula Deen!

Titled “Paula Deen’s Best Dishes,” the issue — on newsstands this month — selects PosePrints as a “Kitchen Helper” on page 122. Check it out, y’all! 😉

PosePrints as Gifts

Now that Holiday shopping is nearing its end (for me, at least — huge props for those of you who take advantage of those post-holiday sales! I just can’t do it.), we have an even clearer idea of how YOU gift PosePrints. In the spirit of giving, I thought I’d outline all of the wonderful ways you created personalized, unique gifts out of PosePrints this season:

* Personalized Stationery for your boss…your colleague…your Secret Santa…your best friend…your second-and-third-best friends…your family members.

* Couples Stationery for the cutesy couples you know (I am fully aware that our style isn’t perfect for everybody ;))

* Baby Stationery

* Children’s Stationery

* Personalized Recipe Cards for Grandma, Mom, friends, family…or anyone who keeps their recipes near and dear. Or put YOUR “secret” recipe on PosePrints recipe cards to attach to gifts in lieu of greeting cards.

* Stationery for your friend who’s expecting

* Thank You Notes

* Housewarming Gifts (how many bottles of wine does one person really need anyway?)

PosePrints for $1. You read that right.

If you read PosePrints’ Stationery Blog, then you are among our favorite people in the world. Seriously! And our gift to you this holiday season is this: everything at PosePrints.com for $1/card. Unreal! We’re offering (for the first time ever…and perhaps the last time ever, too!) 50% off all of our personalized stationery, invitations, recipe cards and announcements through 12/19/08 with the code “onceayear.”

This offer is perfect for you procrastinators who have not yet 1) ordered your holiday cards or 2) started shopping for unique holiday gifts. May I suggest PosePrints recipe cards for your friends and family members? And how about some teachers’ stationery for your children’s teachers? Or baby stationery for any new babies in your life? And PLEASE don’t be That Boring Secret Santa who buys bath products (again) for your co-worker this year. The possibilities are endless…and for this week only, inexpensive, too!

The holidays come but once a year, so, from our family to yours: Happy Holidays! We hope you are having a lovely season!


PosePrints has THE best customers on the planet (and NO, I am not biased!). I say this for many reasons, though the most notable is how incredibly CREATIVE they are! PosePrinters are way too fabulous and imaginative to think inside a little stationery box and follow by example. Case in point:

We added personalizable Recipe Card designs to the site last week, and every order coming in with the lined backgrounds is anything BUT a custom Recipe Card! One gal from Minnesota personalized an extremely cute “my favorite memory of alex is:” card for friends to fill out at a Bridal Shower (for Alex, I suppose :). Look!

Another lady from New Jersey customized “couple” cards on this background to be used in place of a Guest Book at an Engagement Party (I assume she will put them all in some sort of binder after they are all filled out).  Splendid! LOVE learning a thing or two from our customers!  We’re so lucky. 🙂

On a completely separate topic, check out what a fine Fall day we have for ourselves in NYC.  This is a view from PosePrints’ Creative Headquarters. What a skyline!