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Nominate PosePrints – Most Awesome Creative Card Supplier

Is PosePrints your favorite creative card supplier on the Web?  I hoped so!  My mom and I would appreciate it so much, then, if you would nominate us for the Red Tricycle “2012 Totally Awesome” Awards here.

We fit into a couple of categories:

1. Most Awesome Local –> Category: Businesses/Best Mom-Run Businesses; URL: www.PosePrints.com; City: San Francisco

2. Most Awesome Baby & Kids Essentials –> Category: Web/Creative Card Suppliers; URL: www.PosePrints.com


Thank you in advance for nominating us — and for your support!  My mom and I appreciate it always.

The Bubble Necklace

I’m not the trendiest girl around, but who could miss the mega-popular “bubble necklace” that has taken the fashion world (or, at least, my Facebook and Pinterest feeds) by storm?!  We decided to add a couple of versions of the bubble necklace to the PosePrints site  — so your custom stationery can be as cute and trendy as possible!

Bubble Necklace Personalized Stationery

We added a turquoise and yellow gold bubble necklace and a pink and silver version (see above!) to the PosePrints Girl, and, as always, we can change the color to anything you request when you place your custom stationery order.

Are there any other fashions you would like to see added to any of the PosePrints caricatures?  Just let us know — we love your emails and suggestions!


Paper Love: Per Se

I marked one half of one item off my Thirty While 30 list: dining at per se!  First and foremost (since stationery seems to be the theme around here), check out this gorgeous birthday card they gave me. I just love the simplicity of the little icons:

Per Se has been on my (mental) bucket list for awhile now — ever since I first lived in New York — so it’s only appropriate that I shared the experience with my my dear friend (and former NYC roommate) and little sister (current NYC resident).  It was the most amazing meal I’ve ever experienced, and included 12+ (15+?!) courses over 4.5 hours:

*Click to enlarge!*

The amount of creativity and attention to detail they put into each course was incredible. It really was an artist’s dream.

(And yes, I totally took pictures of each course…I wasn’t about to let my self consciousness outweigh my need to chronicle the once-in-a-long-time dining experience!)


It’s a big day over here…PosePrints has a FAVICON!

What is a favicon, you ask?  According to our good friend Wiki, a favicon is a “shortcut icon, Web site icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon, most commonly 16×16 pixels, associated with a particular Web site or Web page.  Check it out here:

Okay, it’s obviously a little small (I did say it measures 16×16 pixels), so it’s best seen on your browser.  Go check it out at PosePrints.com and let us know how it looks to you!  See it?!  Here’s a zoomed-in version:

It’s the tiniest little PosePrints caricature that’s ever existed!  I made her in Illustrator (a.k.a. my best friend) by setting my artboard at 16 pixels by 16 pixels, shrinking a PosePrints caricature down by a million percent, and fixing her up from there.  I then exported it at 72 dpi, and…voilà!  Okay, I handed the file over to our web guru and he added our favicon girl.  I can’t take all of the credit.

I’m not sure what took us so long to favicon-ize our site, but I now can’t imagine what life was like before she was here.  Seriously, though, she’s a keeper.

PosePrints & Breast Cancer Connections

We at PosePrints are proud to announce our partnership with Breast Cancer Connections.  This Palo Alto, California-based organization is close to our hearts, as it helped some of our family members as they faced breast cancer.  BCC ensures that no one faces breast cancer alone, by providing over 35 free programs and services that address a range of needs, whether emotional, informational, or access to care to women and men throughout the Bay Area.

Help us donate  to  Breast Cancer Connections!  In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month — and continuing into the future — we are donating 20% of the proceeds from PosePrints orders featuring a pink ribbon to BCC.  Don’t want the pink ribbon accessory, but still want to donate with your order?  Simply type in the code ‘pinkribbon’ at check-out and 20% of the proceeds will go to Breast Cancer Connections.

Please visit www.bcconnections.org for more information on this wonderful organization.  And click here to begin creating your pink ribbon-clad personalized PosePrints stationery!

PosePrints + Pink Ribbons

We added a pink ribbon to our poses in honor of Breast Cancer awareness and the special people in our lives who have been affected by this disease.

Please spread the word: we are giving 20% of the proceeds from orders featuring a pink ribbon to a local organization for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Don’t want a pink ribbon, but still want to donate with your order?  Just type ‘pinkribbon’ into the promo code field at check-out and we will make the donation.

Click here to create your own pink-ribboned caricature for stationery gifts, thank you notes, notepads and magnets.  Want to show people you care without ordering PosePrints?  Create your own personalized MyPose with a pink ribbon and post it to your Facebook page!

(We know different causes mean different things to different people.  Want your awareness ribbon in a different color?  Just let us know in the Comments section at check-out and we’ll change it for you.)

Hollywood Glam

Walk down the red carpet* with PosePrints’ Hollywood Hills design!  Create your own custom caricature and add it to Hollywood-themed Save-the-Dates, glam stationery gifts, and personalized thank you notes!  Click here to begin…

It’s also a perfect fit for your Academy Awards/Oscar Party invitations and moving announcements (if you’re moving to Los Angeles or Hollywood, that is).  Click here to create your own Hollywood card!

*Red carpet not included.  Sorry.


Why it took us almost three years to add a Chicago-themed design to PosePrints is beyond me.  Especially since it’s one of my favorite cities I’ve ever visited.  EVER.  I adore every part of that city — especially the pizza.  Unfortunately we didn’t add Gino’s East Pizzeria to the design (Not sure if anyone would want all that glam on their stationery.  I could be wrong).

And there you have it!  Stationery, invitations, save-the-dates and announcements featuring the skyline of Chi-Town.  With Lake Michigan in the foreground.  And Sears Tower.  Which is called Willis Tower now?  When did that happen?!

Anyway, click HERE to start creating your own Chicago cards!

Seattle Skyline

We are happy to welcome a new background design to our repertoire!  Especially made for you Seattleites, “Seattle Skyline” (clever name) features a light pink Seattle Skyline, complete with the Space Needle, Mount Rainier, and other skyscrapers.

Click here to design your Save-the-Date, party invitation or stationery against the Seattle Skyline design.  You’ll notice we strategically placed the Space Needle so it’s nicely displayed on one-caricature cards AND two-caricature cards!  If I ever decide to apply to graduate school, THIS will be the example of problem-solving I highlight in my application.  Mark my words.

To Seattle!

PosePrints on The Bonnie Hunt Show!

PosePrints’ stationery was featured on The Bonnie Hunt Show!  YEAH!!!  Click here to see our cards (and notepads and recipe cards and party invitations and magnets!) in all of their glory — featuring Bonnie Hunt’s caricature — in her special “Teacher Appreciation Day” episode.

I think she especially loved her magnets: