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PosePets: Norwich Terrier

For a custom stationery order (and in honor of my favorite dog in my favorite movie, “Best in Show”), I recently drew up a little Norwich Terrier.  It’s a Norwich — and not a Norfolk — ’cause of its pointy little ears.  See?

What do you think?

Corgi Cards

I mean, who doesn’t need a set of Corgi Stationery?!

After incessant requests from Lizzie, a crazy Pembroke-Welsh-Corgi-Lover (and Jen’s sister and Denise’s daughter), we finally added Corgi cards to the PosePrints shop.  Hope you like it, Liz!

PosePrints for Pets

Let us draw your pet!  For FREE!  Well, free-with-the-purchase-of-a-set-of-personalized-stationery, that is.  For more information, just drop us an e-mail at Friends at PosePrints dot com.  Basically, we’ll ask you to place an order and send us a photo of your pet, and then we’ll draw your pet.  Quickly.  That’s it!

Or, if you don’t think your dog/cat/horse/hamster will need his own set of personalized cards, just add him to your family stationery:

To see some of our already-made pet stationery, click here.

*See that cute Shih Tzu in the photo up there?  That’s sweet little Lola, who belongs to the owners of Avondale Paperie.  So darling!