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Working From Home

I work from home.  Here’s my office:

{PosePrints Headquarters}

I work at a gorgeous reclaimed wood desk (acquired in my marriage to my husband — score!) in the living room of my San Francisco apartment.   Since I started working from home full-time in 2008, I’ve often dabbled with the idea of renting office.  But I’ve grown to l.o.v.e. certain aspects of my work-from-home situation, especially my “office” — complete with my trusty MacBook Pro, pretty GlassyBaby candle (gift from BFF), and good-for-my-back chair.

Since my desk is rarely (and by rarely I mean never) this clean, and I don’t always have (i.e. never have) fresh flowers adorning my work space (these were left over from Valentine’s Day), I thought I’d share a few close-ups:

Usually, there are just a *few* more piles of paper and PosePrints materials on the desk and a ton more fog outside my window. And my mugs have crazy coffee stains in them. And I wear sweats to work. But you didn’t come here to see any of that, did you?

Sure, I get lonely some days (and am usually D-Y-I-N-G to see friends/husband/anyone by COB), but overall, I like my work situation.

Do you work from home?  How does it work for you?