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QR Codes on Invitations

Have you ever scanned a QR Code?  If you received a piece of stationery with a QR code on it, would you know what to do with it?  PosePrints has received a few orders recently with requests to add custom QR Codes to Save-the-Dates and invitations.

*Adding a QR Code to a Save-the-Date Card*

I honestly hadn’t heard of a QR Code until we received the first request, but now I see them everywhere — from magazine ads to TV commercials to billboards at the bus stop.

The QR Code on the above card is for the PosePrints website, but our customers generally want the code for their wedding website on their Save-the-Dates.  There are a bunch of free QR Code generators out there — so anyone can create a special “code” for their business website, wedding website, or shower registry.

Do you scan QR Codes?  Would you add one to your personalized invitations or Save-the-Dates?

“Like” your favorite PosePrint!

Big news!  We’ve added Facebook LIKE buttons to PosePrints’ product pages!  Check it out:

I know this isn’t the most groundbreaking functionality you’ve ever seen, but we’re pretty excited about it.  And we promise to like you forever if you head over to our website, find your favorite stationery design (card, notepad or magnet!), and LIKE IT!

Want to know my favorite?  It’s the London card.  Probably ’cause it took me a thousand hours to draw (yeah, I didn’t go to art school — sue me), and I’m sort of British, you know.

Kentucky Derby Invitations

We created this custom Kentucky Derby Party invitation for a local, Derby-themed charity event.  It was inspired by the “Couture” line of our packaged cards — definitely a different style than our standard PosePrints caricatures!

We’re in the process of adding some Kentucky Derby-themed accessories to PosePrints: mint juleps, big hats, and seersucker suits!  Are we missing anything?  Let us know on our Facebook Wall!

“My caricature doesn’t look enough like me…”

That’s okay!  We can fix that!

We’ve heard it before.  The bad news is, we just can’t fit every option into one website (although we wish we could!).  And good news is, we’re here to help!

As you probably know, it takes less than 5 minutes to create your own look-alike caricature cards, notepads and magnets at PosePrints.com.  (Check out a few of our “How To” videos here to see how quick it can be!)  But, that doesn’t mean your caricature (or “pose”) will look enough like you.  We want your PosePrints to look as much like you as possible, however, so we’ll make any changes you need!

So, if there’s a distinguishing feature about you (or someone on your PosePrint) that isn’t offered in PosePrints’ options — just let us know!  When you place your order, make note of what you would like to see changed in the Comments section, and we will send you a proof within one day to approve (or change up) before we print.

Here are a couple of examples of PosePrints showing custom changes:

This customer requested that we change the color of the lines on her recipe cards, that we lighten her gray hair, and add a beauty mark to her lip.  Done!

And here’s an example of a custom Save-the-Date card.  Check out all the special tweaks we made!

Here’s what the bride-to-be wanted (and what we did!): changed the hairstyle of the groom, changed the bride’s nose, made the bride’s hair extra long with curl at the ends, replaced the “diamond” engagement ring with an eternity wedding band, added spaghetti straps to the wedding dress, made the bride curvier, made the bride’s eyebrows extra-light, changed the bride’s top lip, and made a gray Washington DC background design.  Voilà!

Corgi Cards

I mean, who doesn’t need a set of Corgi Stationery?!

After incessant requests from Lizzie, a crazy Pembroke-Welsh-Corgi-Lover (and Jen’s sister and Denise’s daughter), we finally added Corgi cards to the PosePrints shop.  Hope you like it, Liz!

The Bachelorette Party

I had to dedicate a post to one of my favorite occasions — The Bachelorette Party! Forget the actual wedding — it’s rarely as fun as the Bachelorette weekend. For my own nuptials, I just might skip the wedding ceremony and reception altogether and drag my groom to Vegas. We can make it official at the Bachelorette Party, after a spa appointment and before dinner at Tao (or Nobu, I’m still deciding).

Apparently, men have been celebrating Bachelor Parties since the 5th Century B.C. — when Spartan soldiers would celebrate the groom on the eve of his wedding. Obviously, Bachelorette Parties are a newer phenomenon. Ladies reportedly started celebrating Bachelorette Parties during the sexual revolution of the 1960s (yes, I believe everything I read on Wikipedia), and thank God they did.

While girls tend to treat the Bachelorette Party less formally than the Bridal Shower, we at PosePrints are strong advocates for sending out personalized invitations (no e-vites!) honoring the Bachelorette. No excuses. That is why we have created the Las Vegas background design (because, really, it’s the only place to truly celebrate) and personalized Bachelorette Party Invitations. I hope no one gets offended by the short hem of the dress. We can make it longer for you if you ask nicely.

Here’s an invitation I created for my friend Stacy’s* Bachelorette Party. Make sure to visit PosePrints to see our newest Bachelorette Party Invitations (and stationery — never discount the Thank You Note)!

* Name has been changed. I don’t even know a Stacy!

Operation National Stationery Show: Complete.

I’m thrilled to announce PosePrints had a successful debut at the National Stationery Show!  We met a bunch of stationery lovers, creators and shop owners, and received some great feedback. The show reportedly had a much lower attendance than last year, but “in this economy,” lots of people were looking for something “different.” And PosePrints = different.

So, if you haven’t been to a trade show at the Javits before, this is what you get when you pay for a booth:

STUNNING, eh? And that is with that gorgeous strip of blue carpet we paid to have installed! Anyway, we started setting up two days before the show started, and we ended up needing every second of that time. One thing that prolonged the process was my decision to cut out our “NYC Skyline” at the Javits Center (instead of doing it at home and transporting it there) — it took me about 3 hours, with help, and we couldn’t do much to the booth until it was up. My mom was happy about that…and LOVED traipsing about the city looking for more and more double-sided tape. Didn’t you, Mom?

So, after about 16 hours of set-up (minus a break for chicken fingers and fries…let’s not exaggerate here), this is what our first National Stationery Show booth looked like:

What do you think? We were pretty happy with it. 🙂

To display our different lines, we made little signs for each one, which really helped the visitors get a sense of what we offered. PosePets were by far our biggest seller (and a late addition to PosePrints stationery products — who knew?), and Poses and Couture tied for second.

All in all, the show was completely exhausting, expensive, and took months to plan out…and we can’t wait for next year!

Lucky # 2701…

We will be in booth #2701 at the National Stationery Show 2009! Does this mean there are 3,000 (or more!) exhibitors?! Wow. Well, if you’re braving the madness that is the Stationery Show (We went last year and it was overwhelllllllming. But so fun!), please come say ‘hi.’ We are debuting our Wholesale Line at the show, which is held in New York City’s Javits Center, from May 17-20, 2009! We can’t wait to meet you! Go 2701!

6 months, 5 days…

…til PosePrints debuts their personalized and packaged stationery at the National Stationery Show 2009! Denise and Jen attended the National Stationery Show 2008 as “researchers” and had a fantastic time, so they can’t wait to have their own booth. It’s amazing how much stationery there is out there!

Jen predicts that decorating the booth will take her back to her high-school-art-project-glory. Til then, we will keep you updated with fun little National Stationery Show details as it gets closer…

(okay, MUCH closer…’cause I’m sure most of you are not quite as excited about stationery shows as we are!)

From Sea to Shining Sea!

We at PosePrints are proud to be American, especially on Election Day when we can exercise our right to vote! Whether you voted for Barack Obama or not, we hope you felt powerful at the polls yesterday.

Here we have a personalized announcement for Barack Obama on our “american stars” background design.  He just ordered about 300 million of these cards and plans on sending them out to everybody in the U.S.!  Oh wait, just kidding. But that would be neat. 🙂