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Free Valentine’s Day E-Cards

Sometimes I’m a huge planner, and sometimes I am the biggest procrastinator you’ve ever met.  Last year, I spent forever making Valentine’s Day bunting to decorate for my Valentine’s Day dinner…and this year?  Nothing yet!

PosePrints e-cards are for the procrastinator in all of us.  You can create your own (free!) personalized e-card featuring your custom character and send it to friends and family last-minute.

To create your (free) e-card, visit PosePrints.com and click on the DESIGN tab.  Select your background design, then create a caricature for your Valentine (or other e-card).  Add your text and instantly preview your card.  Then, instead of clicking the “Add to Shopping Bag” button, click the “Send as a Free E-Card” button.  You can then send your e-card to as many friends and family members as you’d like!

Lots of our customers use our e-cards for invitations, birthday greetings and thank you notes, too!  (Did I mention they’re free?!)  Click here to begin designing your e-card!

Valentines Day + Heart Bunting

It wasn’t until the day-before-yesterday that I realized this is called “bunting.”  Pinterest really is bringing out the craftiness in me — complete with crafty jargon.  So now we know: stringing paper hearts or other items along twine or thread = bunting.

Since my better half and I were having a quiet evening at home to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I figured I could put some time into “bunting” since I was spending zero time primping.  Anyway, this is how it went:

And he cooked!


(Since I’m not yet an iPhone owner and am totally jealous of my friends’ Instagram pics, I used good-old Poladroid.net to create the effects on these photos.)

Bouquets, Boutonnieres & Lace

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing our newest PosePrints features with you: roses and lace!

Made especially for wedding stationery, our newest features include bouquets of roses (in red, pink and white*), cute boutonnieres (also in red, pink and white*) and lace wedding gowns.  Make your Save-the-Date Cards, Save-the-Date Magnets, Bridal Shower Invitations, Rehearsal Dinner Invitations, Couples Wedding Shower Invitations, Wedding Thank You Notes even more custom — and more “you.”

Head over to the PosePrints website now to create your personalized, rose-and-lace-clad caricatures!

*Want your caricature’s boutonniere or bouquet in a color other than red, pink or white?  Just submit your order and make mention of the color you want in the Comments section at check-out.  We’ll change it for you and send you a proof at no additional charge!

Save 20% on PosePrints Valentines!

Alright, everyone — this is the last time I’ll say this. Let’s forget the mass-produced, flimsy, Spongebob/Dora/Transformers Valentines this year. Let’s hand out PosePrints personalized Valentines instead!

Customize a look-alike caricature of your daughter, son, baby, husband, wife and/or yourself to appear on high-quality, totally custom Valentines. To make this an even better idea, you can now save 20% off all PosePrints Valentines with the code “heartday” (through 2/14/09). I honestly can’t think of anything sweeter than that…unless you enclose a few Conversation Hearts in those PosePrints envelopes…

PosePrints Personalized Valentines!

Let’s all forget those grocery-store-bought, everybody-has-’em Valentines this year. Customize your own, entirely unique (seriously, we’ve never seen the same card ordered twice!) Valentines at PosePrints.com! We have added a couple of Valentine’s Day background designs to the ’09 mix — including our ‘red valentine hearts,’ ‘big pink hearts‘ and ‘tiny pink hearts‘ — so just add your (or your child’s) personalized pose and you’re set!

Honestly, I did love my Scooby Doo/Barbie/My Little Pony-themed cut-out Valentines as a child. But what the heck did I know?! I wish my mom had been cool enough to create personalized PosePrints for my Valentines. Except there was no internet…or PosePrints…or stationery-personalizability back in the ’80s…so Scooby Doo it was. That’s okay, Mom!