The art of writing letters with PosePrints

Who doesn’t love getting a letter in the mail? Whenever I open my mailbox and see that someone took the time to write me a note or a letter, it brightens my day and reminds me that I am loved! In our society, we are always rushing to get things done, shooting off a quick email or text, and often too busy to sit down and really write  out a long letter. I think a return to that old-fashioned practice is a great way to relax and let someone you love know that you care! My friends and I who live far apart make the effort to send each other postcards or letters as often as we can, and it only strengthens our friendship!


{San Francisco Design}

With PosePrints note cards, you have the ability to send those you care about an adorable, fun caricature version of yourself and just enough room to write them a letter or short note about how things are going. Not only do they get to hear from you, but they also get to see your wonderful face (and a cheerful backdrop) when they open your card—it’s perfect to send to family members, loved ones or dear friends who are living far away as cheerful way to say “Miss you!” in style.

{Turquoise Polka Dots Design}

{Winter Snowflakes Design}

It takes just a few minutes to write a note, seal it up and mail it out and the impact will be great! The best part of our PosePrints caricature stationery is that it is an individual and customized way to say hello—and includes your lovely face so that your recipient not only gets to hear from you but see you too! We have so many backdrops and accessories to choose from, you cards will never get boring and with PosePrints you’ll always have that signature, unique fresh factor that’ll charm your friends and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy!

{Light Pink Hearts Design}

{Gray Stripes Design}